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Is this 1/2 Ounce?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Drybananna, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. It just didn't look like it, so Im making sure. He weighed it and it weighed up right to 1/2 ounce but.. Idk, can they rig their scales or some shit? Sorry for this probably really dumb question. :eek:

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  2. If it weighed 14 then you're good, as long as the scale said 0 when he took it off.
  3. Also, is that what you would call shwag ?

    How much do you think that should have cost?
  4. Looks like it. Dosn't look like the best weed though.
  5. I'm not a super experienced user, but that definitely looks like shwag - brown all over and tons of stems. I wouldn't pay anything over 60 bucks for half an ounce of that.
  6. idk about shwag, prolly jus some low mids. i pay 60-70 for a half

  7. I'd have only payed $40... Scwag is scwag, bad.
  8. its not shwagg but it definitely is not dank.
  9. Thanks so much @ all of you guys. I payed 50$ for it, so I hope I wasn't ripped. : (

    Love you all for answering my dumbness.
  10. gross..........take it back lol

  11. this. give or take 5-10$ hard to tell weight by looking.

  12. Save your money and buy even just half of that next time, but with some greener stuff, you'll get so much more out of it! :smoking:
  13. 50 is good for shwagish weed. good job
  14. That doesn't look like 14 g.
    More like 7 g.
    but i suppose it could be really dense.
    no way to know for sure until you weigh it out yourself.
    there are ways to zero out some scales in a way that it will make it read heavier, but i wouldn't jump to conclusions until you weigh it yourself.
    It definitely looks like mids though.

    I paid $180 for a half o of some dank sour d. last week and I consider that a rip off.
    So I wouldn't pay over $90 for that sack...that is if it is even 14 g.
    If not, then I would pay even less obviously.
    I don't buy mids or shwag so not too sure on the pricing but 40$ for 14g seems really cheap.
    So nice score as far as I can tell!
  15. Depends where u live....

    Where im at that would cost $30 to $40.... $40 bein really high
  16. #16 youngsteezy, Sep 10, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 10, 2009
    it might be 14g,
    i know the Schwag around here always looks like less... but the (non-rigg'ed) scales dont lie.
    and yes, mrs.surfer chick; i would say thats schwag abd shouldnt have costed anymore than 70$ TOPS. around here the schwag 1/2 O's go for about 65, sometimes 50.. idk goodluck though:wave:

    edit: sry had the prices for a Ounce up a minute ago, switched em with a .5 ounce haha.
  17. That looks like 14gs to me cause when I buy halfs I weigh them and they look like that in those bags. And that for $50 is a pretty decent deal man. Good job!:hello:

  18. nahh u deff didnt get ripped. and dont worry we were all newbs once :D
  19. its not schwag but its sum mids i never smoke mids its jus not worth it go buy ur self a 1/8 of some dank shit o p.s. looks more like a quad
  20. yeah looks like a half to me.and its deffinatly now shwag either just low mids 50$ is a good deal

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