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  1. I was just wondering how come as far as i know, there are no platic (akrylic) bongs with percolators other then the normal downstem diffuser, for example a showerhead or dome percolator. How come i can only find glass peices with these types of percolators? If there is such a things as an akrylic bong with extra percolating capabilities please send me a link because i'd would like to check it out and maybe purchase one. Thank you :D
  2. I've seen multi-chamber ones, but not with a perc.. I'd think it'd be pretty hard to make, but not impossible. I'd be surprised if there aren't any out there also, but I haven't seen one yet.
  3. yeah i've seen multi chamber ones as well, but its a shame that i've never seen a plastic perc bong, they would sell like wildfire...
  4. agreed man.. atleast a dome perc wouldn't be that hard to make I wouldn't think. Even like an inline one? But I could see a tree perc being kinda hard.
  5. Funny a thread like this came up...
    I was at the LHS the other day and saw a new line of acrylic bongs name "The Poor Man's Perc's" lol. They are basically a a piece of rubber tubing from the section below and bent back into the current section. Looks ghetto as a mother fucker though lolol :wave:
  6. Hey ! but its progress ! we stoners move at a slow but stedy race, for we are an innovative people... soon enough who knows? maybe we will have akrylic double disk invetered tripple tree perc with 10 arms and a condeser coil on it for 10 dollars, and a flying car that runs on its left over bong water..... :smoke:
  7. All else fails, we always got intense imagination! :smoke:
  8. Not trying to be a dick, but I am a spelling nazi.
    I capitalized the C in acrylic in my post so you would see the correct spelling.

    But seriously, check that thread if you want a heavily diffused unbreakable tube.
    They're not made yet, but you can pre-order I believe.
  9. Yeah i checked it out, they were nice peices but they will cost a fortune, im just looking for one made from plastic so i don't have to lug my more expensive bogns around and worry about them breaking.
  10. Probably not many because if you're going to spend more for the perks of percs (mehehe), you might as well invest in glass instead of acrylic. Acrylic will absorb resin, break down under solvents, hits less smooth and are a pain in the ass to clean.

    Plus I feel like a crack whore whenever I hit one.
  11. lol, i have nice glass i just want acrylic for the road and whatnot, you know?
  12. im thinking about buying a perced out illy sometime soon
  13. Yea it would be hard to make percs out of plastic. The most plausible would be an inline, just cut slits in the plastic. Or even like a waffle perc wouldnt be too hard, just poke holes in the plastic. Can't see anybody doing this tho, just seems like a waste of time to put so much effort into a piece that's gona sell for like 30$. If someone does start making some inline acrylics or something, he's gona charge a decent amount, because that's the only way you'd really be able to justify how much time you put in compared to profit.
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    True... but honestly, I'd be willing to pay like 65-75 bucks for a decent one foot inline bong.. Atleast I could pretty much 100% trust it wouldn't break. But I also usually only use bongs through a vape so I don't really care about glass too much, even though that's what I use right now. And I'd have to jerry-rig it with a glass-on-glass bowl for smoking..
  15. yeah, inline's are fragile as hell, i traded my first inline in for a shower head because of the fear of it breaking.

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