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  1. Is there such thing as having to many hobbies? I'm sitting at my desk, sewing patches into my crust jacket, and watching youtube videos. And I started to realize. I have a lot of hobbies. I ride bmx, I build computers, I'm a gamer, I paint/draw, I want to learn how to grow cannabis, I want to learn how to blow glass(Well, try it to see if it's maybe something i could get into), learn bass(used to play guitar), Photography, and I brew my own beer. O.O I feel like I have way to many hobbies, and really need to slow down. But maybe it's just me and having so much to keep me occupied isn't a bad thing.
  2. Why would keeping yourself occupied be a bad thing? That saves you from immediate boredom.
  3. you should find one thing and do only that and nothing else...

  4. Well, a lot of my hobbies leave me broke all the time. -.- Litterly, I've never got money to go to a bar, or just go out with friends and do something. I buy my weed, pay my bills, and spend money on my hobbies.
  5. well yes there is... not in principal i guess, but logistically theres only so many instants in a moment, hours in a day, etc.. and yea money too. and if you spread yourself too thin how could any one hobbie mean...much

    also at what point does it become a hobby. bc if it doesnt take much to qualify then yea you can squeeze moar hobbies in.

    i guess ive wondered this too. you discovered it in me.

  6. Actually, I have been trying to narrow it down a little. To things I actually enjoy doing. Rather then things to do, just because...
  7. Then that's where you create a financial plan and put money towards that certain hobby that you wish to master on the forefront, the rest you can attune to later if you have the finances to support them.

    On socialization, create a equal balance and you should be fine.
  8. if we become cyborgs we can have vast arrays of hobbies i bet
  9. That's like asking is there such thing as having too many STD's.
  10. But there is though, that's why you wrap your willy and don't be silly until she's tickles your shaft and you fuzzle out like Elmo. :D
  11. If you enjoy what your doing why worry? If you feel like a change, change. Other then that, just be happy.

  12. To explain it better...
    -Computer building. It's costed me $1200 for my gaming computer so far. Luckily this hobby after I get my computer fully built to my liking lowers cost. New part every 2 years or so. The rest is just stuff that doesn't cost me anything. Like modifying my desktop, playing video games, and surfing the web.
    -Photography. I do it occasionally now. I used to be all about it. Daily, out taking photos, but I kinda lost that... rush. You know? Nothing really going on in this town. But my computer comes into play for this hobby too.
    -Bmx. Its free to ride the streets. I just don't do it much because my bike isn't cheap to keep up.
    -Painting/drawing is more about my future career but also just an outlet.
    -Beer brewing. Brew day takes maybe 4-10 hours. After that it's just keeping the fermentor cool so... It's not really taking up a whole lot of my hobby time. Plus, I do it on occasions because making my own beer isn't cheap.
    -Learn bass, growing, glass blowing. All three take up quite a bit of time. Expecially at the learning stages.

    So, really to look at it like this. If I had to choose. I'd stick with painting/drawing, my computer building, Bmx(need some type of exercise right?), Beer brewing, Growing cannabis. And that's really my main focuses. I want to turn growing into a career one day. Along with learn the tattoo/piercing business. But again. O.O Very time consuming all the things I've picked up over the years. But im only 22. I have plently of time to learn new things, drop things I've gotten bored with. And narrow myself down, right?

  13. That's actually what I do try to do. Like right now. My pc needs a few pieces to be finished. So I figure... Put my hobby money towards finishing it. Then it's one less hobby I have to spend money on for a while.

  14. Well it feels like I've got so much I do... That I really don't bother with some of these hobbies for the most part. Which kinds sucks.. and got me thinking... that maybe it's time to narrow down a little, but at the same time... I was wondering if anyone else is like this. You know? can't sit still to save there life. Has to have some type of hobby to keep them busy?

  15. That made me slightly aroused.

  16. If your PC is the main goal that you feel is the most important fixture then put it as your main focus while the rest are on pending mode; are your hobbies far from starting or are they incomplete?

  17. Incomplete, mostly. My bmx bike needs repairs. Brewing beer, I need a few pieces of equipment to make brew day easier. Camera. O.O don't get me started on the costs of that. And the only hobby where things actually get completed is drawing/painting. But after seeing it all in words. Starting to realize... I have way to many hobbies. I mean seriously. O.O Way to many!

  18. Have you realized which one of your hobbies can be your own personal investment in terms of making you money to help provide for the others...Like starting a store related to those hobbies since you have the required skills.
  19. Having many interests is great, too many might become a burden somehow.

  20. It only becomes a burden if they become unfinished or loosing interest from leaning on to another.

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