Is there still hope for this seedling?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chato21p, Jun 15, 2019.

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    Hey there growers, this is my first time ever growing and wasn’t quite ready and having an issue with one of my five auto white widows. I started germinating them Thursday last week and planted that Saturday into 5 gal coco coir medium. I kept the humidity levels around 60 and had constant air flow through my air vents on the bottom of my tent (vent system still hasnt arrived) I read seedlings dont need nutes for the first week because they have their own nutes to survive a week or two and just found out apparently they need it asap. Well all my other 4 are doing fine and looking good. Except for this one.

    I was told it could be due to heat stress or light stress but its been in the same condition as all the others. Only big difference is it had a different coco coir brand (roots organic block) vs the other four (mother earth), it was ph balanced in water and feel i might of over watered them since it also recieved as much water as the rest but the medium was pre soaked since it was in a block. I had 4 quantom boards at 3 ft 4 inches to be exact. Since then i have shut two off until they grow bigger. Yesterday i gave them a light dose of their first nutrients but accidently turned off the fans to vent for about 10 hrs (big oops) and it looks worse.

    Is there any chance it can recover and anything else i can do? The pictures are 24 hrs apart
  2. Unfortunately it won’t recover. Even if it did, you could have other issues later on when they get bigger due to the stress that was caused early on.
  3. It's not over til it's over.
    I see some new growth happening, and if that new growth stays healthy, it might recover.

    My GUESS is that that one bad plant suffered from lack of food, and got light burned.
    Plants are like people, some are more sensitive to things than others.
  4. I almost blitzed a seedling with a lamp too close, the first set of leaves looked alot worse than yours.

    She recovered great once i backed the lamp up. So yes, they can recover.

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