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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheHempMan, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. if i cant get an hps light and i want to grow in my house is there any other lights u can use? i heard u could use flourescent lights i have a purple flourescent light. o well just wanted to know thanks ive never grown indoors.
  2. I'd go and purshase a 600watt HPS. This is the best investment. This light gves off way more usable light for the plants. The buds will be alot tighter. Remember 600 watts is 600watts of electricity no matter what lights you use. Go 600 watt hps.
  3. can i get a 600 watt hps at a store? if so wat store?
  4. get a 250w High preasure sodium... 600 is for growers who are on a mission to get the world high.... if ur gonna grow like 2 plants get a smaller wattage light... 600 is to much light. and its WAY TO EXPENSIVE...u get these at Home Depot.. and remember.. u cant just buy the light bulb.. u gotta buy the balis along with it.. cause it only works with a certin balis.. and YES u can grow with Floro lights.. u just need A LOT..
  5. wat is a balis
  6. The correct spelling is "ballast" and it regulates the electricity for the bulb to operate. The ballast kit will also include an ignitor to start the bulb - they need a spike of electricity to start. There is a more detailed description of the components floating around somewhere, but the key thing is, like SECNEEK pointed out, you can't just buy a bulb and screw it into a standard light fixture.
  7. Ballast, sorry.. u know what i ment
  8. i dont know wat a ballast is sry?
  9. Ballast = what makes the light turn on.. like if u look at Floro tubes, there not screwed in there pluged into somthing.. well that thing there plugged into is called a Ballast... look at some street lights.. how do u think they turn on by themselfs.. they have a Light sencer connected to a ballas where the light bulb is screwed into..
  10. so the thing the bulb screws on ok.
  11. yup, but its not just any ballas... it has to be a ballas made for an HPS light.. or it wont work. the ballas has to have the same wattage as the HPS bulb.
  12. ok thanx i know what u mean k peace.

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