Is there something wrong with my leaves??

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Biogreenthumb, Apr 24, 2016.

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    Can you guys give me some feedback, curious to know. Thank you.

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  2. I don't think the spots are spider mites or mildew

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  3. I am also experiencing similar marks on one of my plants, hopefully someone could chime in and identify it.
  4. I believe this is the beginning of a deficiency. I've had this problem before, perhaps the beginnings of a calmg deficiency or maybe some other decency? Although they are similar looking to mites these spots are larger, in odd shapes, and yellowish not white. So, not mites.

    Not mildew either, as mildew is also white. It's also a powdery substance that will easily wipe off.

    My advice? Keep up on your calmg, or if that's not it add some earth worm castings as a top dressing before your next watering and let the microbes figure it out:)

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  5. Thank you organicjake! I appreciate that info, you helped me think more deeply into the problem. I have calmag on hand. However I haven't fed any of these plants since I had them which is 1 month. I fed them fox farms grow big today. I hope to see the results and if maybe this will help whatever deficiency it may be. I didn't use too much in my opinion. If this doesn't seem to help the situation I will definitely hit it with cal mag. I appreciate your feedback though, very helpful, peace :)

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  6. Looks fine. Dont hit it with cal mag. Try kelp meal. Or some good vermi compost. Thatll fix any problems

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  7. Nice Lotus! Thank you.. I will definitely look into that kelp meal. But do you think feeding them fertilizer today could potentially help them out with that problem or does it not seem like fertilizer would do anything. Appreciate the response.
  8. i wouldnt do anything before identifying the problem. how is the top growth looking?
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  9. also, i wouldnt use calmag, it can cause more problems then solving, and is not needed in a good organic soil.
    what is your soil made of?
  10. The spots don't look like a deficiency, they look like slight damage from thrips. Watch and see if the new leaves get the same tan marks on the newer growth. If they keep appearing or you see small insects feeding on the leaves, spray with spinosad.

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  11. Agree! Something is biting those leaves.

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  12. Def dont feed it anything. That can cause a lot more problems. Ive had a plant grow out with this but worse all over. Never had any bugs or deficiencys. Just leaves looking different

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  13. Alright guys so heres an update after giving them their first feed yesterday. I have noticed that it seemed to have had a positive effect on the new growth, nothing got jacked up yet at least. PointsWest, Scooby, and Wetdog, thank you guys for your help, I definitely agree with Pointswest on the thrips! never had that problem before and from what I have researched, it looks like that may be the problem. I am using a triple action neem oil concentrate currently, with insecticide, fungicide, and miticide by southern. Do you guys know if the insecticide in this will help out against thrips ? I am going to try this first for the sake of cash but if no luck then I will try spinosad. The pics are below from today, I posted them so you guys can see the new growth and the leaves. Once again thank you guys for your help, especially you old school dudes, much respect! peace

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  14. Thank you PW
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  15. if you are already using that then i guess the answer is no, or you wouldnt have thrips.
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  16. Dude. Thread is from 2016. Those thrips are done!
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