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  1. I have been growing my plant for about a month and a half and it seems not to be growing as fast as the next guys plant. its probably is about 7in from the dirt. everything is going good except some discolorations on some leaves. It is still green but it looks like someone erased the lines on the leafs and smeared it on some parts. Does anyone knows what that means. help i don't want to lose my babies.:confused:

  2. hmm its hard to tell without pictures. and you would probably get better help in the sick plants section
  3. How much light does it get? I had a similar problem with one really young seedling I planted outside, it was only getting like 6 hours of light and eventually the tips started browning and yellowing.

    Also pics are great, more info works well too. Like the nutes, watering, soil, etc etc etc... Its hard to diagonse problems with so little info.
  4. ya I here you all. It would be better with pictures. I'll try to get some, Ive got to get a camera. But my plant get light all the time ,but if really think about it it probably needs to sleep. Also I'm growing this plant with no nutrient or anything just organic. Not till i clone.

  5. Nope 24 hours of light is fine, thats not the problem.

    Answering these will make it easier.

    What type of medium; soil or hydro?
    What brand and type of soil?
    Indoors or outdoors?
    What strain?
    How old are the plants?
    What type of lights and how many watts?
    How far from the lights?
    What is your watering frequency and source of water?
    What, how much and when was it fed? NPK?
    What is the medium/runoff pH and PPM if in hydro?
    What are the temps and humidity in the room?
    What size pots?
    Any bugs? Look real close.
    Any other pertinent info?

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