Is there something out there protecting humanity?

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  1. Or are we really insignificant in the universe? Perhaps that's another reason why people believe in God because out of all the bad things that could happen that could wipe us out this very moment...they don't. Or maybe...

  2. If theres someone watching out for us, theyve done a terrible job at it.
  3. Yes my friend. God is looking out for us. Be happy that you are alive. Thank God for that feeling. :wave:
  4. [quote name='"twitchydude420"']If theres someone watching out for us, theyve done a terrible job at it.[/quote]

    Lol totally, but they did give us a few helpful plants and such :)
  5. Ask the Dinosaurs

  6. fuck the dinosaurs
  7. ask the guys who made spears 400000 years ago...what happened to them o.o
  8. Samuel Colt

  9. there is both taken care of

    and totaly on our own.

    woah man
  10. I was kinda thinking about this a little bit ago. Right now we're on basically a huge ass rock flying through space circles and giant ball of fire that's constantly exploding and have been for millions of years.. How that works I have no damn idea. Also, how it's never fucked up and the earth hasn't been destroyed yet it beyond me lol:confused:

  11. well, thats easily answered with science.

    everything has mass excluding light, with mass comes a gravitational force(yes even you have it). the sun rotates basically flinging the planets around, think of it like a ball on a string and you're spinning around. how we havent been destroyed, theres a few things. radiation wise our atmosphere/magnetic shield protects us. asteroids/meteors most burn up when shooting through the atmosphere, a lot gets absorbed by the moon and flung off course by jupiter. in fact jupiter's gravitational force is so strong it can fling them out of the solar system.

    as for op's question. I think I pretty much answered it, its just the cosmos. no god.

  12. He made us equal, the dumbocrats fucked that up though.
  13. Earth protects humanity.

    It is a lot more than a big ball of dirt with water on it. There are tons of things earth does that protects us from possible problems from space, and there are tons of things it does to regulate what life does and it works out so that a lot of things never get out of hand.
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    I like this answer. Just for us not being wiped out doesn't mean there is a God. So let's say aliens are real blah blah blah, how do we know aliens are more advanced than us? I'm just saying. If there is life on another planet maybe they don't have the technology/knowledge to reach us, just like we don't have it to reach them. So I mean, I really can't believe in a God.

    One child is saved, and the same time 300 kids got bombed on.

  15. well the theory is, if they were on a live planet they would be much older of a species than us thus having better tech. even if you just think about how far we've gotten in just 100 years just imagine a million/billion years older.

    there was also a theory that if there was such an advanced race they'd be like us, meaning the top of the food chain thus being carnivore/omnivores and aggressive so the likely hood of them being a friendly species is drastically reduced. though I'd guess if they were traveling through space for scientific reasons and have moved on from the barbaric/survival mindset we'd probly be fine. I think we're sort of at the crossroads between militaristic and scientific space study, eventually we'll get to the right place I hope. though ideally we'd solve our bullshit here before spreading it to other planets.
  16. God is an Alien, bro.
  17. It's all a dream

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