Is there some kind of skill involved with throwing knives?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Fugee, Jul 19, 2004.

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  1. I dont know why anyone on Grasscity would know this but...

    Is there some kind of skill involved with throwing a knife so that it always flys and inbeds itself blade first? It seems completely random...sometimes I\'ll throw it and it\'ll hit dead on, other times it hits flat or handle first and bounces off. How do ninjas/samurais/martial artists do it?
  2. Practice. You\'ll figure it out.
    You just have to do it constantly.

    Also, it might help to see if you can find
    any books on the subject. Maybe at
    your local library.
  3. I think it has something to do with when you release the knife during the windup...
  4. my neighbor bought some thrwoing knives about a month ago. we\'ve been practicing ever sense. it\'s hard as hell, you just gotta practice practice practice. eventually you\'ll become so familiar with your throw that you\'ll be able to make the knife stick everytime. this isn\'t professional advice, it\'s just how i learned. i still suck, but i\'m getting better and better.
  5. Ah, well, I\'m not even using a real throwing knife ;)
  6. I used to throw cards into a hat when i was bored and after a while I realized that I could actually use them as weapons because I had gotten the wrist action down to an art. I even got a pokemon card to stick into a plaster wall once :D

    I haven\'t thrown any knives but I can tell you that a) you need special weighted knives if you want it to work consistantly, and b) whatever you need to do I\'m sure it has to do with using your wrist like a whip. You need to whip out your arm and let go at the right moment. It\'s kind of hard to explain but basically you won\'t figure it out without practice.
  7. I get what you mean, but I\'m gonna stop trying because I just broke my knife on a bad throw. The blade popped out of the handle and one of the screws went flying somewhere where I\'ll never find it, so thats that :(
  8. You should try the card thing i was talking about :p

    I don\'t know why but it\'s really satisfying to hear that pop when a card hits the bridge of your friend\'s nose and they can\'t even tell wtf just happened.
  9. I don\'t have any cards :)

    How did you get a card to stick into a wall though? They aren\'t sharp enough to cut through wood.
  10. I never got the hang of throwing knives
    because I just couldn\'t be bothered to
    practice. But I\'ve got an Australian
    stock whip, which I can crack loud
    enough to sound like a gun going off.
    So I imagine I might be able to get the
    hang of throwing knives. I think it\'s the
    same throw of the wrist and release

    Thanks for the idea Krazi.
  11. There is a poker player called Jesus that can throw a card and slice a pickle in half.... i was impressed, saw it on espn

    as for throwing knives, we were trying that last night when we were drunk actually, first one to get it to stick got to decide who did a beer bong, good fun, as long as you don\'t stab any one
  12. first things first: make sure your knife is a throwing knife or a lockblade that is somewhat big (4 inches)
    make sure it is ballenced
    make sure you have a target that the knife will stick to like a peice of styrophome

    when your throwing it hold your hand in a fist with the thumb sticking up and the forefinger out like when your pretending to make a gun with your hand, now rest the knife on your middle finger and next to your forefinger and use your thumb to make it so the knife doesnt fall. (see crappy picture1 vv)

    now keeping your arm straight out in front of you bend your elbow back until the forefinger points up towards your ear (crappy picture 2 vv)and snap your arm and wrist foward and let the knife slide out of your hand

    if done right it should work, it not get out of the way of the ricocheting knife and keep practicing

    personally i dont like throwing knifes because i can never find a good one to throw and if i do they are usually expensive and i dont want to break them. i like using a screwdriver instead
  13. i got some throwing knives, it is really in the way your wrist moves, and the way you throw it. i practiced for a while and got good at it, over the shoulder first. then i got cocky and started praticing throwing them under my legs and side-armed and stuff like that. it just takes practice. i liked to practice alone so i could show off. i had a lot of holes in my wall at the old house. oh yeah, it does take a certain kind of knife, you cant use a pocket knife or anything because the handle outweighs the blade by a lot.

    i used ot have a boomerang too, i could get it to come back to me after i practiced that for a while. then one of my friends threw it wrong and it went straight into the air, and came straight down on some asphault. cant remember where i got it to get another one either...damn!
  14. man.....this is like texas walker ranger shit!
  15. It is roughly based on distance.

    nearer the distance less revolutions to target.

    Slight differences are compensated for by releasing (and therefor holding) the knife at a slightly different angle.

    greater distances more revolutions.............etc.

    Start by holding tip and sticking with 1/2 rev throw (mumbly peg)

    Once you get good at that...............tripple the distance. (1 1/2 revolutions. Except for throwing with more force ,you\'ll find that it is all about \"\"guesstimating\"\" approximate distance to target and therefore number of revolutions of whatever you\'re throwing.

    You\'ll soon find you can throw and stick almost anything that is throwable and stickable ,not just knives.

    note..................\"most\".......... throwers ,forget to throw with enough force to actually do harm to an actual living human being ,so it also sort of depends on what you might be honing your skills for. :)

    ...............darts requires one skill level .

    ...............putting a knife in the body of another requires whole \"other\" skills.

    note...#2........I would also make darn sure that some really mean dude like that roach guy ........didn\'t just come up to me and take my new throwing knives off of me !

  16. it takes alot more than just simply throwing a knife into a wall.

    you need to feel the weight of the knife, see how far you are from the target, judge how many rotations youll need to get the knife into the wall, measure arm and wrist motion to give it the right propulsion and spin as to get the blade to be pointing straight just as it reaches the target.

    my chilling weed room wall was FILLED with knives last year. After seeing Gangs of New York i became obsessed with it. I had swiss army knives, scissors, dinner knives, steak knives, letter openers, everything, all up and down my wall.

    i even had christmas lights strung around them all december :D

    but ive since lost my touch. it truly is just a matter of practice. getting used to YOUR throw, not someone elses. how hard must YOU throw it to get the point into the wall.

    it didnt take me long to be able to get it every try from about 8 feet.

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