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Is there really such a thing as Indica and Sativa or just marketing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pftek, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. I know THC % has a huge effect on us but this whole bit about % of indica and sativa. I don't understand. Seriously, is this just a marketing gimmick?
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    They are visably very different plants-one is tall, the other is short and bushy
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    They mature at different rates....and I'm sure experienced growers here can comment on other differences.

  3. And the effects are different enough that most should have no trouble discerning between a sativa or indica by effect alone.
  4. Although it can be used as one, it is not solely a marketing gimmick. Sativa plants are generally much taller, and are better suited to outdoor growing. Indica on the other hand is generally much shorter, and have broad leaves as opposed to the thin long leaves of a sativa.

    Generally, indica produces a more calming, body high. Although there is much debate as to the CBD content, and the difference between the content in indica and sativa plants. There have been studies that reported little difference, however the scope of such studies is fairly small. If you had many strains of indica from top growers I would put money on the fact that a very good Indica has a higher content of CBD, or at the very least the cannibinoids that are present in the plant are different from the Sativa's. There has been little research done on this due to government policy. More research needs to be done in this field.

    Indica's generally bring a feeling of drowsiness, or a body high. Sativa's generally create a more productive high, that's more of an "in your head" type of high. It's often referred to as a "soaring" high, in other words it can kind of take your head away!

    There is a marked difference between the highs, but remember that a lot of plants aren't solely indica or sativa, many are mixtures of both plants. Genetics have been refined to such a point in the world of marijuana that by now there's no limit to the genetic variation available out there. There are plants that are 20% indica and 80% Sativa, and vise versa. It's not a marketing gimmick, but rather a very real difference between the characteristics of the one plant.

  5. Nice double post, you could of Google this. If you smoke pure strains of both you would know that there is a difference.

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