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Is there really a difference between Indica and Sativa? Myth?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pftek, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Is there really a difference between plants? I thought it was just the amount of THC - that's it. Hearing a lot of talk between Indica/Sativa %'s. Is this just rubbish? Truly a difference?
  2. It's not a myth.

    the difference is that indicas have a higher THC content, while sativas have a lower THC content, but higher cannabinoid content.
  3. If you smoke a sativa then wait 4 hours and smoke an indica I think you will be convinced. Sative definately makes me want to go to the park with my dog. Indica makes me want to start a fire and watch a DVD. Both are great in there own way.

  4. Sorry but from what i know this is wrong. Sativas generally have a higher THC content. But what makes Indica, is CBD a high CBD like more then 1 it will be indica. Honestly i dont know when im Indica or Sativa during that time, i just get high. Im sure there is a difference i just cant notice it and i just think im higher or lower.:smoking:
  5. Haha, I love the new smokers section. Yes there is a difference, and this difference is further exemplified when the plant is harvested late, or early. The later the harvest (more amber trichs) the stonier the high, whereas if you pick when the trichs are a crystally clear, or slightly cloudy, the high will be more cerebral.

    As an experienced toker, I can tell within taking a hit of something if its pure indica, or pure sativa, and usually if its a blend.... I love them both though, and personally prefer blends. A bit of a body high to get rid of the back pain, a bit of sativa to get rid of the headaches, and inspire art!

  6. Thats just flat out wrong.
  7. Sativas also have higher mycrene content, making it easier for THC to get into your receptors, resulting in more of a trippy head high rather then a burnt out body high.
  8. Yep, and I love taking that hit and trying to decide which it is, and how much more of each or if it's a hybrid.
  9. hehehe it's not a myth.:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
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    Meet Indica:
    Meet Sativa:

    Very much true stuff man.
  11. dude, it's definitely not a myth.
    indica is more of a body high, with pure indica all you want to do when stoned is sit down and sink into the couch but sativa is more of a heady and energetic high(the type that gives you the giggles). Personally I like sativa better most of the time but sometimes I just want to chill with a nice indica. Most strains on the market today are hybrids (mix of the two strains).
  12. I had been looking for this pic because of all these damn topics lol.
  13. there is definetly a diference between them. Indicas are more of a heavy sinky body high while sativas are more of a light floaty heady high.Personally I prefer sativas but most weed today are hybrids(mix of strains) anyway.:D
    As for thc content, there is a bit of a difference as pure indicas usually have more thc than pure sativas.
  14. Go buy a sativa bud and a indica bud then smoke them and see if there is a difference.

    For me i can feel the difference as soon as my high starts kickin in it's not amyth.
  15. Let's not get into which exact cannabinoids each contains.
    Basically, Sativa dominent strains will give you more of a heady, energetic and creative high. While Indica dominent strains give you a heavy couchlock type stone, good to end the day with and great for pain.
    There really aren't many strains that are almost entirly of one side, most strains are hybrids(a crossbreed between an indica and sativa) and can make it hard to differentiate which is dominent.

    Indicas can be the most potent between the two, but that's only a small range of heavy indica dominent strains.

    They both produce a completly different kind of effect.


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