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is there negatives to having different strains in the same jar?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PistolBerserk, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. so i got some purple very earthly/diesely smelling herb.. but want to pick up another strain. what would happen if i put them in the same jar? like would they lose their own unique scent? have you ever did this before? if so what did you notice when you mixed strains in a jar.
  2. the weed would get mold
  3. Why would they get mold? Unless one of the stains already had mold? The only thing thats gonna happen is you wont be able to tell which strain is which inside the jar. Unless they look different. Nothing its going to change about they're physical properties or how high it will get you.
  4. well im pretty sure ill be able to tell the difference between the two. but just wondering if the scents will become weird..
  5. nah it would change the smell but its not like the weed is going to mate and become some super spawn of the two haha.... keep your bud were ever you like man but personally i put diff strains in diff jars when i have different types

  6. The scents will mix and become diluted, and they'll basically end up smelling the same.
  7. well damn. alright thanks man.
  8. I imagine if you put two nugs in the same jar, yes, they'd mix in smell because that's how our noses work. Dogs can smell in layers, we can't. However, I'd also imagine if you then split the nugs back up for a while in proper containers they'd retain their smell again. Also, the smoke should still taste like the strain you're smoking.

    I grind most of my weed, and if I don't finish what I grind it goes into my "shake bottle", which basically smells sort of sweet and like generic weed. It has various kinds of kush for the most part in it, but seems to have lost its kush smell in the jar.
  9. thanks for the info. maybe ill just put a little nug of my pickup into the jar of the other strain just to see what happens and experiment
  10. :eek: dude dont do it it will mold and then the world as we know it will end:D
  11. lmao your funny:p

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