is there life on the web outside of myspace?

Discussion in 'General' started by pointfive, May 22, 2006.

  1. My Space, the website that ruined a generation.

    Ha, well I must say, all this crying for social interaction kinda screams 'weirdo'. But im sure that not the case, so fellow Californian this bowls for you.

    Ha, damn im faded.

  2. i agree 100%!!! myspace and its "scene" and scenesters all suck.. all the bling bling and sparkles deffinately aint for me.. however it is in my oppinion an easy way for people to find me and keep in touch and stuff.. and i get to put my music up for people to hear... as a musician i like this.. plus its free..

    and JohnnyBlunt.. in this town we are the weirdo's.. lol
  3. qft

    It's not like I was a nerd and picked on all the time etc in high school in fact I was fairly popular but all that shit is pointless once you leave high school. I would rather be in everyone's good graces then the kid that gets picked on all the time though. And I hated the drama and immaturity of high school and that's pretty much all that MySpace embodies.

    My advice is take a couple classes at your community college and network with other people.

  4. Exactly, I wasnt picked on either, I got along well with people, its just 95% of the people I met at highschool I had no real interest in. Everyone was fake.
    I ended up hanging out with people that were 2-4 years older than me, tested out of highschool in the summer before my senior year, and now I am taking CC classes. :smoke:

  5. haha dude, joining a forumn is like moving to a new block. Just stick around long enough and you'll have a place to call your own. Green squares be damned, theres smart people that can offer you valuable information here.

  6. dude i hear that. I was into hardcore/screamo/emo from its very start... and now all these goofy looking little fuckers think if they cut themselves and wear enough black and makeup that it'll make them belong to something cool. Its really fucking sad to see, but in time it will pass, as all fads do... or so im hoping :confused:

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