is there life on the web outside of myspace?

Discussion in 'General' started by pointfive, May 22, 2006.

  1. it seems that i cant make new friends anywhere but myspace.. that might sound pathetic but i cant seem to find any other places where people want to meet people in person.. really i would love to meet up with some folks from here and smoke a bowl.. or bowls.. (as the case usually is.) hell.. ill pack.. really.. is there life on the internet outside of myspace?
  2. here!

    or other message boards. facebook is good too.

    go outside though, i went to a party the other night and found a load of new smoking buddies. i also went to a slip n slide party and met some cute chicks. real life rocks, especially when high :)
  3. ye aman, just hit up parties and youll meet tons of people, I went to a party where no one could find herb and I had like a half q, I was a very popular person :smoke:
  4. ive smoked w/ a memb here.. so yes?
  5. I personally hate myspace. Having hated the social realm of highschool, I saw myspace as an extension of HS society online. In other words, mostly all you do is leave kissass messages on ppls profile to get more friends.
    I like GC because here, we enjoy ourselves together, but we also have conflicts solved through interesting debates.
  6. that all depends on who you're trying to get buddy-buddy with on myspace. you don't have to deal with cliquish tensions, since you hopefully hang out with actually matured adults.
  7. Myspace is a pedophile catalogue.

    Haven't you seen dateline!?

  8. Lol EVERY TIME i switch the channel to MSNBC, theyre doing one of those internet predator stings, and they always act like its something new.
    IMO if your 14yr old girl is stupid enough to talk to strangers online about sex, and give them their adress, then you FAIL at parenting.
  9. that's the joke that's been going around the forums on myspace. seriously though, i have a hard time finding people i get along with irl because people around me are lame as fuck. i was at a pizzariea(sp?) with my friend and we were feeling good on kratom. and this kid overheard us talking. at first he seemed like a really cool guy that we could possibly smoke up with. turned out he was an ex junkie and spent 30 minutes trying to convice us that if we do heroin one more time we are fucked. that was the closest to a cool person that i've met around me.

  10. Is kratom herion?
  11. Exactly lebowski! Rep +

    I'm glad somebody else notices the ironic nature of the programming.

  12. Dude, Rita Cosby (that ho) the other day, had found out there were 5 registered sex predators that lived near Disneyland. OH NOES!!!!!!! And they spent 45 minutes of programming, just making the stupidest speculations i've ever heard, about how these predators are going to converge on disneyland and ruin the youth of AMERICA! :eek:
    Thanks for the rep :D
  13. Im glad myspace was created.

    First i said fuck that shit, For awhile did. Then one girl i got with, She made me one and i jus used it and shit. I dont have people on my list i dont know. I dont accept people i dont know or dont like. I have 70 people right now but its all people i keep in contact with one way or another. I use it so much.

    I can talk to my like extended network of people and discuss and meet up and get shit done all from this one place on the internet.

    Then ive also found a buncha girls ive dated back in the day or jus girls i used to know and see how they look now. If they lookin good i holla at em be like remeber me. Get to talk to them more. Then eventually meet up again.

    Im bout to maybe tommrow meet up with one i jus met up with. She 20, She a small lil cute mexican girl. You know it homie. She was even like where you stay at i got a ride ill come get you and chill with you. Thas how i roll.

    But anyways, To the subject naa i dont know any other sites besides like weed sites. Well really anything you have a interest in you can find forums and meet up with people.
  14. All I know, is that some/most people that own a myspace or xanga account, become so entirely involved in updating, and it's community, that they lose there life, and consequentlly it is there own fault. They spend all there time posing for photographs to look 'sexy' and distasteful. Luring child molesters, or rapists into there region, which ultimatly ends in there demise. It's unfortunate that this epidemic had to hit the US, ever....
  15. yeah ksr i hear ya. i used to hate myspace. then one day out of boredom i decided to check out the forums. then before you knew it i was spittin game. so far i've met 2 chicks off the site. one chick i left a shit stain on her hoodie. the other i really like, and i just hope she feels the same about me.
  16. ok.. so perhaps now maybe i am being semi-social on GC by posting and stuff... but i still havent met anyone around my city here.. orange county, ca if anyone is interested pm me.. but GC is by no means like myspace.. y'know? it would be cool if i could meet some peeps who just wanna blaze...
  17. no offesne to anyone here, but i'm kinda skeezed out by the idea of meeting someone from a drug related site. there are a lot of people from jersey here too.
  18. i have a myspace but i really only use it to check out pics and shit..

    lol everyone on myspace is from GC except one dude who i went to HS with....i really dont care about adding tons and tons of friends, id rather meet with people in real life personally

    oh and dont just go meet them, talk with them some and actually establish a relationship kinda thing. I was completely comfortable meeting up with nushaganazad cuz he is a cool dude and i consider him a good friend

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