is there hope for my babys?

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  1. I dont kknow if its because I let them get too dry (they were very very dry when I went to feed them tonight) or if this was cause by being bunched against the wall when they outgrew their grow space.... anyways I went to feed tonight and noticed a couple plantss where the whole sides are hanging down looking allmosy dead... I moved a few to flower so I could spread them out and I fed them but will they recover from this?
    It just seems its only the areas that were against the wall cuz I woulda notices it. I'm bummed





  2. yea it should be ok, I have seen things like this even worse come back

    usually if the leaves arent "crispy" then its going to live - after all this is one of the reasons its called "weed" its hard to kill

    they do look huge so I would flower them as soon as they come back to life if they arent already in flower because I have seen plants double in size or more when they start to flower
  3. Water it and give it something like superthrive. Only time will tell, but it doesn't look totaly hopeless. Give it alot of TLC.
  4. Should be fine just give it a good water
  5. Cool ya I fed it last night and moved four to flower gotta get the other ones in. These veg plants are huge.. gonna keep one for mother plant. Here a picture of my flowering plants 9 1/2 weeks with the four new flowering ones I just put in. These things r friggen huge

  6. Make sure when you revive plants like that you just use plain water nutes would do allot of harm.
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    either cut those big fuckers in half or they better be going outside....
    lol do you veg for like 5 months or what?
  8. Too late already fed em.... actually in a matter of hours its looking much better... they are only veg for two months they just blew up! I'm keeping two as mother plants moved the rest to flower tonight minus the damaged one ill let her recover a couple days.
  9. Man I snapped a huge branch dammit I tied it back to the main stem it didn't break completely hope it heals.. oh well its a learning experience... I dunno what to do if those plants get too tall .... I have 7 feet of ceiling height .... the hid lights are cooled with air from outside too so I can put em real close right
  10. You may have to lst them a little. How tall are they now? I would plan on them at least doubling in size if not more.
  11. what are the rules of growing in rhode island i have 3 plants right now in my closet an i live in florida possibly 1 of the strictest states when it comes to the harmless herb
  12. Well the rule is if you have a medical marijuana card you can have 12 veg plants and 12 flower plants at a time and a reasonable amount of cuttings.... what is lst?

  13. lst means low stress training, it's when you tie the branches down horizontally. It helps if you are running out of height, and also helps parts that wouldn't normally get light to get some.
  14. ya its ok i did this 3 time to my girl in flower and i looked and the side of the pot showed roots all dryed up but a week later they where fuzzy again so you will be good especilly if your in veg you got nothing to worry about
  15. LOL it's my first grow those big ones are round two I just never heard of lst .. I moved 7 of em to flower left the damaged few in veg gonna keep two for mother plants. Put the last two in flower in a couple days.. they recovered well
  16. growing them straigh up does give good yeilds lst with out a screen is pointless
  17. The plants recovered 100% in less than a day.. moving the rest to flower tomorrow except for one or two I'm gonna keep for mother plant.

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