Is there even proof ANY religion is real?

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  1. I mean isn't it all about beliefs? If you believe it, it's fake right? Same concept with Santa Clause
  2. when it all comes down to it, belief is a way of putting people to sleep.
    Don't believe, just live
  3. Serious question. How old are you?
  4. Believing in something is what makes it fake? Like with Santa?

  5. What the fuck?

    No just no
  6. Nope, just made up fairy tales.
  7. Doesn't really matter if there is proof. People just like to have something to believe in besides what they say.

    Think back to the days when you thought Santa Claus was real. You KNEW deep down in your childhood heart that Santa came and left you the presents that you specifically asked for. Apply that belief to religion and that's the feeling they have all the time.

    Personally, I can't wrap my head around it but that's just me.
  8. [quote name='"JamestheFreak"']Nope, just made up fairy tales.[/quote]

    Lol you dont know shit
  9. religion is real. god is questionable. you worded this all wrong.
  10. More real than anything that happened 5 billion years ago...
  11. I have seen the documents
  12. Proof? Nope.

    Conjecture? Infinite.
  13. I'm drinking my Cristal out of the Holy Grail as we speak. Yeh its real.
  14. rofl:smoking:
  15. If you have a problem with someones beliefs then turn agnostic. You just dont know.

  16. how is it any different from a fairy tale. both are written by humans, and both are fiction
  17. Aren't the stories in the bible considered to generally be symbolic? Meaning they didn't happen, E.g., David and Goliath, parting the seas ect...

  18. They only recently began "being symbolic". Before, people genuinely believed these things happened until they realized how impossible it would be too happen.
  19. IMO religion is a way to set moral guidance (The 10 commandments) now there is no proof of a higher being and no proof that there isn't if believing makes people better then let them believe in this higher being, I however don't believe untill I get some proof.
  20. you tell me...

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