Is there anyway to stop the burn when hitting my pipe?

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  1. I have a monkey pipe and love it. The bowl is nice and big and if i were to fill it up to the top i would be freaking baked (yay for low tolerance). The only problem is after about 4-5 hits it really starts to burn. When this happens its so bad that it forces me to stop smoking and drink some water. Is there really any way to deal with this?
  2. Put more time between hits to allow everything to cool a bit.

    Or pack single hits, which is more efficient with your weed anyways.
  3. Hmm i will try that, also heard its good to keep cold drinking water by.
  4. ya it helps a ton to have a cold drink. or hot!
  5. Better quality weed or just take the hit's a bit slower. I find my my glass spoon it's harsh if I pull it too quickly, but if I draw it slow and use the carb, it's smooth!

  6. Wouldn't dank shit tend to expand and cause more of a "burning" feeling in his throat? So no better quality weed wouldn't help stop the burn, man up and burn your throat raw till you can't feel it anymore like a real stoner. :smoke:
  7. I really don't know, when I said better quality, I more referred to not as dried out.
    If you want harsh, get some damiana, holy fuck, rips your throat out!
  8. I use my tar quarter:

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  9. Can you explain what a tar quarter is?
  10. Use a water pipe?
  11. Look at the pics I edited my post, it's just a quarter I place on top of my bowl after I hit it to prevent it from cherrying. It accumulates tar though.
  12. Ah yeah, I get it. Work well?
  13. I've been using that quarter for at least 6 months. It works great to stop the cherry. Especially useful when I top bowls with kief or hash.
  14. I use a spoon kept in the freezer. I bought 30 spoons just to stay frosty in my freezer. Works nice in conjunction with a soldering iron.
  15. Use a bong or bubbler
    Take smaller hits
    Or try to get sativa strains idk if it's just me but indicas are harsher
  16. [quote name='"APX"']I use a spoon kept in the freezer. I bought 30 spoons just to stay frosty in my freezer. Works nice in conjunction with a soldering iron.[/quote]

    You bought 30 bowls? Just to keep in the freezer?
  17. [quote name='"logan20519"']

    You bought 30 bowls? Just to keep in the freezer?[/quote]

    Spoons. Lol. Spoons. Actual, dining room spoons. I freeze them so they don't develop a burn.

    Mom finds spoon with burn on bottom, calls police, they tell her it's meth, she murders herself and leaves me to my ass hole dad.
  18. I hstick my tungue up in my mouth so the smoke has to flow over it before hitting the back of my throati find this helps a little. You could also find something non-flammable and flat and place it over the top of your bowl to contain smoke to smother the ember a little so your not burning so much. drinking inbetween hits should help also.:smoking:

  19. lol i do the same thing!
  20. try hiking up your panties a bit.. that may help with lowering your levels of vaginal cells.. high levels of vaginal cells can lead to vaginitis.. which turns you into a pussy over time

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