Is there anyway to eat a popsicle?

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. And not look like I'm sharpening my skills as a prison bitch?

    Just happen to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror while eating a lime flavored one, and discovered to my horror that it looked like I was paying back Kermit for an 8-ball. :eek:

    Bah, these things are just too tasty. :smoking:
  2. that was a gross reference man , just do what the girls do, suck
  3. how about you bite it off? ouch oh shit
  4. haha yeah i feel weird eating one in public but if i am at home i dont give a shit
  5. Banana seems to be the best. Sometimes I wish I were a monkey. Not a regular monkey, but one that had went into space. But, that was his only highlight in life and eventually developed a deep depressions stemming from years of alcohol abuse.
  6. It's like that Robot Chicken skit where the woman is sitting in a restaurant and is aboutto eat a corn dog and every guy in the room is staring...
  7. Haha oh shit. +rep for the RC ref.
  8. haha.

    i've caught a glimpse of myself eating a popsicle and thought the same thing.

    i really don't eat them though, so i don't have to worry to much.
  9. i just bite the damn thing. if anyone calls me gay they better be friends that are joking, or if i dont know them, they can expect a hook to the temple.
  10. Lmao, nice..Wouldn't wanna eat a popsicle in front of a gay person...
  11. Ok men try this, try licking out all the mayonnaise from between 2 big slices of ham in a ham sandwich.
  12. I would...but I hate mayo. :( What about ham and toothpaste?

  13. You are, madam, insane.
  14. ..

  15. But, I have a penis, good Sir. :D

    I'd rather be fighting gigivitis and bad breath than go down on some mayo. ;)

  16. lololololololol

    ok ok, I just dont understand how toothpaste and ham mix?
  17. Ah, atleast its the same color as mayo. I would think a minty/ham combo would be refreshing on a summer's day.

  18. *shudders* :D
  19. Lol. Only popsicles I eat are Otter Pops :D

    Other than that, Ben n Jerrys (Phish Food...mmmmm) and Drumsticks!
  20. Fuck Ben and Jerry! I can't find one of their goddamned flavors that doesn't have chocolate in it.

    I'm allergic to it. :(

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