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Is there anything wrong with my weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Octus, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Mids
    Smell: Very green
    Sight: Darkish green, not abnormal
    Feels: crumbly
    Taste: Bad taste unlike weed
    Sounds: very little to none.

    It burns crazy, we smoked a bowl, like it was only one light for the whole bowl. It was still rolling after cashed. It had a piece of hay in the bag which leads me to believe it was imported. High felt a little different.

    Whatcha think?
  2. You might've copped some shwag weed.
  3. There was hay in it? Maybe the dealer threw in some oregano or something? Idk, without pics no one will be able to give you a correct answer, only guesses.

  4. It's good.
    B for mids I'd say.
    A bowl got four people high and we all have some tolerance.
  5. #5 Octus, Aug 10, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 10, 2011
    One piece, My guys good he wouldn't do that. I would notice if he did.
  6. Meh, just sounds like mids to me. Maybe it wasn't flushed right and still has some nutes in it from when it was grown? I'm not too good on that subject but I have read on here before that if your bud isn't properly flushed it can cause it to burn weird or spark/crackle when it's lit.

    If you're okay, then the weed is fine. You'd know after you smoked it if there was something wrong with it.


  7. No reason for pics it looks normal.
  8. Uh, it's probably just not so good weed...that's your problem
  9. If it got you high and you don't feel bad later or anything I can't imagine anything is wrong with it. Maybe it didn't get cured right or something might explain the taste. No idea though.
    btw, I definitely chuckled at listing sounds and the single tag for weed hahaha
  10. Umm, I guess I'll be the first to ask... Did you expect your weed to make sounds?
  11. If its normal why the hell are you posting :rolleyes:

  12. looks normal.

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