is there anyone on this board from rhode island?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by fuzzyOne401, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Was wondering if there is anyone on this site from rhode island?
  2. Why would you ask for specific location the point of the site is anonymity (being anonymous) specific just lead to other issues since we all know cops troll the threads lookin for slip ups
  3. The point of the site is not to be anonymous. I'm a patient anyways I dont really have to hide from cops. The reason I was asking is because Im trying to find someone who wants a caregiver card to grow and poseess weed so it would benefit them more than me anyways. I just need some help with my grow I have nobody to help me with anything. So that's all. Real cops would find u anyways if they wanted you. There not gonna bust someone who's terminally ill and has under their legal limit.
  4. yea i'm from RI idk if i could be a care giver though lol
  5. I'm sorry to hear about your illness I feel like a dick now..... With that being said I've seen far too many posts with people lookin to link up to burn or show off grow ops, can't be too careful... I'm sure you understand that part of it... We are a society which is misunderstood and as a result we are persecuted as if we were doing something that was truly dangerous....

    I hope you find your caregiver, again I'm sorry I didn't know
    But if you need help with starting your own grow just ask on gc people will help that's what it's for
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    [quote name='"DAVlD"']yea i'm from RI idk if i could be a care giver though lol[/quote]

    They laxed up the laws even people with certain drug charges can still get cards.

    Its just like hard to listen to everyone online. Everyone has different ways of doing stuff and I just spent a fortune I didn't have building this grow setup then the person who got me started and gave me clones vanished on me and isn't around to help at all.

    They just busted a caregiver In pawtucket he had twice the limit of plants allowed plus 13 lbs. Dried weed when only allowed 2.5 OZS and he also had a gun.
    I got under my limit and ditched my gun just to be as legal as possible. These crooked caregivers and drs are ruining it for real patients who really benefit from buds

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