is there anyone on here who has autism or aspergers?

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  1. even if it's a minor case. i'm just interested to know what it's like.
  2. I dont have it but I spent a lot of time a couple summers ago with my friend and his cousin had mild autism.He was born on an army base and gave him an extra vaccine or two on accident. They think thats what triggered it. But Wasnt a serious case at all.

    One of my favorite friends to this day, though. Nicest kid alive. Such an attention to detail, its incredible. He would only get nervous around big groups of people and have trouble interacting.AFter awhile he'd loosen up and be chatting away. But you give him one 8x11.5 piece of paper, tape and scissors and he will make a working 3D car engine model out of it. it was fucking insane. Toothpick models, the works. His ma didnt help much and my buddy offered to have him come out and see if he liked it. He actually started going back to school after a long break. and really just kinda just started over new. New school, new friends, new classes, last time i talked to them he was loving it out there.

    Moral of the story he could fucking draw/create anything.
  3. Autism means brain function isnt 100% functional, by that definition humans are probably 80% autistic and didn't even know.

    I have a mild case.

    Social situations are tough for me, my neck literally stops working, tongue loses speed so I stutter in front of large crowds.

    I have exceptional eye for detail, and slight skill of hands to put it on paper once a while.
  4. TLDR of my post
  5. Aspergers here, i live a pretty normal life i just have difficult in some social situations and expressing feelings. I would love to say more but uh, dont really know what to say.
  6. I find all my friends have to above average intelligence.

    Not saying I am above, just it's my preference, I like to learn about social situation I ignored from kindergarten til high school.

    I literally know almost nothing about what kids did during this time, I was focused on not being observed by judgers.
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    I and my brothers and my dad all have aspergers to varying degrees, however only my eldest brother has a clinical diagnosis because he can't work with his condition.

    Its a funny thing really, like it tends to be other people and other family/friends that make excuses and allowances for the aspergers. We never play the aspergers card to excuse our behaviour, generally if we have said/done or not said/done something that upsets someone without realising because of the aspergers we make apologies, even if we don't get why they are upset.

    My mum for instance thinks its bullshit and just an excuse. It was always stupid things too, like when i was a kid and i would come down stairs to ready for school in a morning all bleary eyed and quiet. If after about 5 mins after having said good morning to her i hadn't spoken she would say "whats up with you ya grouch" eh? wtf did i do? so of course i say nothings wrong with me, and she gets the huff on. So after that now iam grouchy and annoyed about it so she thinks she is right.

    As for social situations im fine i can talk to anyone but im not into the party crowd thing its a tad overwhelming.

    My dad is a little more socially awkward, like he finds it very difficult to have a laugh and be silly socially, because he feels self conscious that people will think bad about him, so hes very guarded at first but he does relax after a while.

    My oldest brother just doesn't understand at all the social dynamics of situations, and so he is very quiet until someone engages him about something he feels comfortable talking about, then he can jabber on with the best of em. Its difficult for him to know what to say without upsetting people, so he tends tell people what he thinks they want to hear which isn't always the truth.

    My lil bro is pretty much the same as me but not quite as forward.

    I don't know if any of this is any good to ya, or complete gibberish. so if ya have more questions i will try to answer them.
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  10. I think this is appropriate to leave here.

    [ame=]Retarded Policeman #15: Assburgers Syndrome - with Charles Trippy & Dave Days ctfxc davedays - YouTube[/ame]
  11. One of these guys I know has aspergers and is very sensitive about it.

    On his birthday one of my buddy's wrote on his fb wall ' Happy aspergers Day '.

    I laughed for 10 mins straight.
  12. thanks everyone, these are all interesting replies. yeah...sometimes i wonder if i'm slightly autistic. but i don't know if there's such a thing as "slightly autistic".. maybe just socially abnormal.
  13. autism has to be viewed like a spectrum. My youngest son is autistic. and i knew early on he had something wrong with him. hes 14 now but still acts like a 10 yo.
  14. some signs you might be autistic.

    If you stand or sit and rock constantly.
    walking on tip toes.
    when playing you will line up your toys all the time.
    tunnel vision.

    there are more, but these are just the top of my head many to remember.
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    my cousin's son has aspergers. ive only met him once, he was like 4 or 5 at the time. i didnt really notice anything weird besides the fact that he was burying his face in his mom's arm to hide from my mom and i.

    and he refused to talk to me for some reason. soon as i left for work apparently he was more open to talking with my mom and

    edit: im pretty sure my cousin said he had leg braces for awhile too cause of his aspergers (edit again: after reading tabou21's post i remembered it was cause of him walking on his toes all the time lol).
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    [ame=]Autistic Reporter, Michael Falk, Enchanted By Prison's Rigid Routine - YouTube[/ame]


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