is there ANYBODY who didnt drink before 21??

Discussion in 'General' started by smooth08, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. i took my first drink when i was like 10 years old, a taste of beer that i thought was disgusting lol....

    did any of you guys on here or do you know anybody who has waited till they were 21 to drink???
  2. Well, answering your question is kind of hard to do.

    If you mean if I have ever tasted booze before I turned 21, the answer is yes. My dad gave me tiny sips of his beer when I was around 7 or so.

    Or, do you mean the first time you got drunk, which again, the answer is yes for me.

    Either way, I drank/got drunked plenty of times before I turned 21.

    Edit: Wait, I'm not 21 yet, but the answer is still no.
  3. haha i guess EVERYBODY has tasted something, i guess i was too blazed to properly constuct the information in this thread,

    lets make it a 2-part question to the original, and who didnt get drun k before 21
  4. My mom used to use brandy for my toothaches, so I tasted alcohol at a pretty young age. I also got drunk for the first time at 17. It was lame. I think I've only gotten drunk once in the three years since I turned 21.
  5. Same here. I used to drink because of peer pressure when I was in high school. Oh man, that is so embarrassing to say. Since I turned 21 I have not done much drinking at all. The only people I know who never drank before 21 were Mormons, they will probably never drink in their whole lives.
  6. ive dranken a good bit :D... still not 21 though
  7. First time i got smashed was when i was 16, had a great time.
    These days it usually ends in me throwing up and cringing at the sight of anything alchoholic
  8. I was less than a year old when i was sippin on some JD...

    My mom would dip her finger in some jack and smear it on my gums when I was teething.
  9. i used to drink my ass off from 14-20 ish....and now that i'm almost 23 i don't hardly ever get drunk....i think i've been drunk like 5 times this year....i drink, b/c i love the taste of beer. It completes a meal, it's taste so good after a bowl. But i like smoking, it's fixed my need to get "f'd up"
  10. I grew up around beer, so it never was as big a deal to me when other people in high school started drinking.

    My father even brewed beer in the basement....
  11. You get alcohol as a baby in my family, especially if you're sick like some honey and whiskey or something, I can't remember what they did. I had my first chug of vodka at 8 years old GO ME!

    The first time I got shitty wasted though I was in 8th grade I believe. High school was an alcoholic blur, I was drinking at school and shit lol, still had honor roll though! :p

    I know a few kids who have never had anything to drink and they are 20, and they never plan to drink, it just doesn't appeal to some people.

  12. lmao going to school drunk n shit hahaha! thats crazy my friend went to his is first week of grade 9 drunk every morning lol. shit im still not 21 either and, i dont sreink as much now as before. in high school i would go to a party every weekend for about 2 months missing a few in grade 10 drinking my ass off every week.and since i got wasted and hungover the last time, i havent really een drink. i had 2 beer yesterday,not a buzz but i was good with that

    plus i dont drink and drive, and i would rather drive. get stoned burnout and drive home. i do have a bed in my van for "sleeping" and shit:p
  13. The age is 19 here, and most vendors are total nazis about ID. I started on the liquor in about 8th grade, waiting in the liquor store parking lot waiting for someone we know to buy us some bottles. Those were the days..

    I'll get drunk about twice a week, since coming of age.
  14. I really don't drink that much anymore, and I went to school in 11th grade wasted one time, and got a 105% on a test LOL I didn't even know I had a test that day. But even better then that last semester in my college history class I took the final test which was worth a third of my grade tripping balls man and I got a B+ and I could barely hold my pen straight lol. I work so much better under the influence of shit :p
  15. Very first time I got drunk I was 15, and I got an MIC. Lemme tell that story.

    I was with 2 of my good friends and 5 other people. I was wasted beyond belief, we were drinking scotch and coke.

    I started to sing the National Anthem, and everybody joined along. Then everybody stopped and started to run. I didn't understand why, I looked back and saw really bright lights coming at us. "Oh shit, Cops" I thought. So I got up and started to stumble towards where the rest of the people were going. We were in a park, when I finally made it to a street, I decided to dive behind the bushes. As my friends tell me, the cops were right behind me at this point. So they immediately pulled me out and sat me on the curb. They asked me all kinds of questions and it was hard to keep up with all of them. They then put me in the back of the cop car. As I was sitting there things started to spin, the alcohol really hit me. "Officer, you're gonna have to open this door. I'm gonna throw up" He did and I proceeded to throw up all over my shoes, just leaning out the cop car.

    Then my Dad came up and got me and the next 2 days I was hungover.

    At the time it sucked, looking back on it now it was pretty funny.

    I rarely drink nowadays though, though I'll be 21 in 3 months, so I'll probably drink more once that happens.
  16. Why wait till 21?

    Legal age to drink is 18 here.

    We don´t all live in the land of the not so free.
  17. I started getting drunk way to early in life. Had problems...stopped drinking for about a year, now I can limit myself to once a week even since i`v came of age.

  18. catch me at vlades in tha tunnel
    drinkin like a fish mouth like a funnel
  19. my 23rd Birthday is in 4 days August 22, And i have NEVER been drunk or even taken a drink, My parent were big drinkers when i was growing up. And i saw what it did to them so i never had the urge to try it. They did eventually quit and have been sober for well over 10 years now.

    The reason i tried marijuana was cause once they quit drinking. And were only smoking i saw that marijuana was much more mild then alcohol.

    Im not sure about the baby teething thing, My mom may have done the same thing to me, So if that counts i guess i have taken a drink, But it was against my own will. LOL

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