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  1. ok, i am totally a non-believer when it comes to God, but religion is incredibly interesting. anyway...

    everyone rants and raves about the good, kind, gentle God, the benevolent God, so on and so forth. why then is there SO much hate and crime and death in the world? why is SO much of this related to religion? have humans really been that much of a disappointment in the last 7500 years that we have to be constantly tormented by the wrath of God?

    maybe we should just stop eating apples. maybe He's still pissed about that.....
  2. IMO people use religion to excuse what they do. God told me to do it. That is said in more acts of crime thatn any other phrase.

    I believe in alot of things. I believe that mother earth takes care of us in general. She provides us with food, shelter, and clothing.
  3. I have to say that I honestly believe in God because my mother is a walking miracle. About 13 yrs ago, my mom was run over by her own car and drug over a 60ft enbankment where the car finally landed on her. She was put on life-support, lost half her liver, her spleen, broke all her ribs, punctured both her lungs and shattered her shoulder into pieces. The doctor's told us she would die and that we should turn the life support off. We didn't and 6 days later, she came off the ventilator and started healing after she said God came to her and told her it wasn't her time to go.....she had 3 kids to raise. To this day, you can't tell anything ever happened to her. So, in my opinion, if God hadn't looked after her, then she wouldnt be with us today. And if you could have been in that hospital room when she came off life support and breathed on her own, you would have felt God's presence like all of us did. That still brings chills to my body thinking about it.

    But everybody has their own beliefs about how this earth came about and about a higher power. Who is to say which ones of us are right and which ones of us are wrong? I think if a person's belief comforts them and helps them to cope then that's all that matters.

    People use all kinds of excuses for why they do the things they do. But in all honesty, they just need to take a good look inside themself and then they would see the where the problem lays.
  4. flowerchild - that was beautiful. your mother is an amazing woman. i am incredibly happy for your family :) *sniffs* wow. i am in awe of her strength.

    you're right about experiencing the moment of truth. i can believe the hand of a powerful being saved her life. but to me, that doesn't prove the existance of the god from The Bible.

    really, it's not about a god. it's about faith and belief. why should one be better than another. i think it comes down to how your beliefs make you feel.

    i believe in many things, and they all are from different religions. maybe it's just life - but the world around us carries tremendous weight for me. maybe it is god, maybe it is religion, but not to me. it's just a little faith that i can get through yet another day.
  5. isis_420.............I can completely relate to the not believing in God as its told in the bible. I question alot of things that are said and quoted in the bible. I know there is a powerful being somewhere and for lack of a better word, he or she is deemed God. But you are right, ultimately, it is faith that gets each of us through the day. Personal beliefs are what gives each of us the strength to get out of bed each day and face the world. Nobody's beliefs and faith are wrong in my one way or another, they are all related to one another even if its in an abstract way. As long as a person has beliefs then he or she isn't alone in the world.
  6. jest becose "they" say "god" is this or that does not
    make it so

    religin is jest mans idea of how it is all suposed to be

    in realality it is all about
    what goes on inside

    none of the rest of the shit they try and sell you matters
  7. Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826):
    Question with boldness even the existence of a God, because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blind faith.

  8. i have learned to use the spell check tho!!!!!!!

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