Is there anybody else here that JUST smokes weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by stonero, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. I don't know about you guys but I JUST smoke weed, I don't drink, or smoke cigs. Is there anybody else that is only green like me?
  2. Well i don't smoke tobacco (minus blunts) and i drink very ocassionally, perhaps 4 times a year at the most.

    That is, i'll drink beer as a beverage on a regular basis, but i don't ever get buzzed even. I get drunk 4 times a year... that's when we bust out the liquor.

    Haha does that even count?

    I do other drugs though, painkillers, minor pyscadelics, selected opiates.
  3. I'm not a big alcohol fan either. It tastes horrible and my dad was an alcoholic and I can't end up like him so that may be why. I do opiates and stuff now and again though.
  4. gettin drunk is just for another kind of setting..the club setting, the party setting, the romantic setting. smoking goes with every setting! :yay:
  5. yea I just smoke weed.

    about once every 2 months I will go out and drink at a party. but usually im just a smoker :)
  6. I drink a little but only at drink-inclusive parties. No drugs...and no cigarettes...just herb.
  7. i'm on oxycodone but thats just because i had wisdom teeth taken out, i'm gonna be off them soon but they make ya feel good haha... yea man, weed is the way to go but drinkin is fun too

    i dont smoke cigs they just dont make me feel good
  8. Being chased around the parking lot by a midget is just too god damned fun, though. :D
  9. I just smoke the grass, sometimes i drink but not really that much
  10. Just a toker here.

    wine has always been on the top of my to-do list.

    For some reason though i just can't bring myself to drink. It all tastes like shite to me.
  11. Yep I just smoke weed.

    I get drunk probably not too often, maybe 15 a year.
    I hardly ever smoke cigs. Maybe 5 a year.
    Never touched tobacco.

    But I've done percocet once...and DXM (Cough suppressent).
    ..and I want Ecstasy and Pyschedelics (Shrooms & acid)
  12. I rarely drink and I've only done DXM once. (It was last night, I don't think I'll do it again) Weed on the other hand I smoke daily. Weed is just so good, without any negative side effects. Except for long term use being bad for lungs and all the stuff. I hate hangovers :mad: (after drinking of course, no hangovers from weed)
  13. I only puff the herb.

    My mom was an alcoholic, so alcohol isn't glamorised for me. The last time I tasted alcohol was a glass of champaign at my brothers wedding in April, before that? A good 6 years. I've only been drunk once in my life and that was the last time I drank. I came to the conclusion that I don't like the taste, I hate the feeling of being drunk, so why drink?

    I'm just a weedy. Though at some point I want to try shrooms or acid, but I have tons of shit to work out before I trust my mind with such a substance, so that's not going to be for a while.
  14. think you meant rarely ;)

    yea I usually stick to bud, hookah if offered and drink occasionally
  15. Amen.

  16. haha, it's always my birthday, st. patties day, my buddy's birthday and new years.

  17. HAHA I read your posts from then. DAMN you were fucked up. Homer Simpson bouncing around in your head. Amazing.

    As for the topic, I drink once in a while (just to get drunk, the stuff tastes like SHIT), but ganja is my number one byfar. Tobacco is just ridiculously stupid and is more dangerous than weed. If anything, tobacco should be outlawed, not MJ.
  18. Cigs and herb go great together :p
  19. I drink almost every weekend, just something to look forward too.

  20. i smoke just weed, ill get drunk about once a month and i want to do shrooms nothing else oh and i dont smoke cigs either fuck payin 5 bucks a day for a pack smokes

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