Is There Any Way To Watch Ph/ec/res Temp Through Wifi?

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  1. I've been trying to find some ways to check on my babies without having to actually go all the way out to where they are. Plus there's a few people living with me who are still unaware that they're growing out there, so it makes getting out there and checking on them regularly quite a pain the ass. Is there any kind of monitor that will watch my res pH/EC/temp that can be looked at on a phone or PC via wifi?

    I've been looking for a few hours now but all i can find is DIY guides which involve a lot of electronics and programming knowledge, and PC controlled hydro kits for like $3000+, but nothing that just simply monitors what i need. Is there anything out there that fits the description of what im looking for or does it just not exist lol
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    It is more than certainly possible.  How you would go about doing it is another story.
    You would have to hook up devices that monitor all this info for each plant, and find a way to get them to send that information to a computer.  I would talk to someone who works in a biology field if I were you OP, because it would be likely they would know of devices that would allow you do to this easily and with the least effort to you. If some company makes a device that monitors Ph, temp etc they might also make a way to send that data to a PC and have also developed a simple program to display the information in a aesthetically pleasing fashion.  
    TL:DR; you are certainly not limited scientifically from doing this, we have the technology, you are going to be limited on how much money you have to spend to buy all the equipment and the time it will take to set it up and learn how to use it.
  3. Thanks a lot :)

    From what i've been reading it's all definitely available and out there, I just can't seem to find anything that comes standalone without the ability to actually adjust the pH or EC from your computer, and when we're looking at that it seems to always come in the $K's unfortunately. I'm actually a little surprised this isn't easier to find as I found someone who hand-made one for about $85 that monitors all three, and with some simple coding, had it all displaying on his PC in a nice tidy graph. He's certainly on to a great idea as i'm sure MANY people who fork out the money on hydro set ups would be willing to pay a few hundred for something like this, easily. I would, anyway :p

    I'll definitely send a message or two out and see if possibly a ph/ec monitor manufacturer may have access to some type of monitoring program, as I have absolutely no idea where i'd find any type of biologist around here :D 
  4. yeah if I were you I would try and contact the guy who made one for $85.  Just talk to a bunch of people and I'm certain you could find a way to make this happen.
  5. Yes the DEA has all that stuff you are looking for.
  6. I'm actually working on a new system right now to hopefully address this problem. Were using a cheap open source microchip as a  controller, pm me if you want some more information. 
  7. K this is the low cost option. set up you meters so they display what you need then point a webcam at the meter, set it up to broadcast to a free server, and you can check any time you want with phone, ipad, laptop, etc
  8. or even a cheap wireless ip security camera, i have mine showing my tri meter and a digital temp/humidity gauge, check out the swann stuff, you can get a camera and a wireless receiver for cheap. If you mod the antennas with a half a pringles can the range can be insane! I can pick mine up almost a mile away if its all aimed right
  9. Actually I saw this very thing 3 months ago in my new Hydrofarm catalog! ;-) didn't look too expensive and it's got an app for tablet or phone! I'm definitely getting one.

    Real nice.. Mention the DEA in a community full of growers... Little do you know this technology is safe private when handled properly, and affordable.
  10. I realize this is ancient thread but google Go Wireless ph it is interesting at $99 with a free app both ios and android

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