is there any way to trip off weed?

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  1. long story short, ive been smoking a while and i really want to trip like seeing colors and shit. but i really dont want to take any hallucinogens.

    so is there anyway you can trip of MJ?
  2. Go on a long t-break so you have no tolerance, then smoke copious amounts of herb. Thats your best bet, but I highly doubt that anythings going to happen.
  3. just take shrooms, they wont hurt you:)
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  5. Lace your bud...
  6. No
  7. nope its not a hallucinogen
    just get some shrooms
    they're not bad for u
    if u dnt trust me do some research
    u ll find they re not bad but w e
  8. yes, but super low tolerance is needed and it maybe be only for a second or two, you'll need some mushies or cid if you want to go to wonderland(its a blast :))
  9. I think that low tolerance and copious amounts of hash can make you trip a little. But that is out of sheer stoned-ness. Your best bet are shrooms, they are about as harmless as the herb.
  10. I tripped off of weed in the past. It's more of a "mind fuck" than a hallucination.
  11. I don't understand the difference between what you're asking us to help you do and just taking hallucinogens, I'm confused.
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    It will never happen.

    A trip is something you have to EXPERIANCE 1st hand to know that NOTHING will ever compare to a real drug to trip on, Like Acid, or shrooms. If your not ready for the mental and physical effects, You will FREAK OUT!!!

    So if your looking to trip then marijuana is not your choice. Marijuana helps Enhance the effects of other drugs.

    But if you have never had a real trip. You have no experianced the most amazing, most frightning, most mind awaking times. Then You need to try mushrooms or acid.

    Im not advising you do these if your not ready. Trust me these drugs you need to be mental ready, or get ready for the worlds worst day EVER!
  14. Nice try. It is actually a hallucinogen.
  15. Sick, let's get technical.
  16. It's classified as a hallucinogen but in all actuality mj doesn't really fit into one category of drugs. Despite some people's adamant claims, weed does NOT make you trip. You don't hallucinate, ever. People who say they do are lying, or are just convincing themselves that they tripped when they in fact, did not.
  17. just get really high...preferably sativa
  18. false..just because its never happened to you doesn't make it not possible. i have had CEV's and AH's on cant rely trip but you can mildly hallucinate

  19. this is true. i ave had large visual hallucenatons on mj

  20. Ha :rolleyes:

    I had like an overlay over all of my vision like in shooter games and everything was blue tinted and i could barely see and there was a video reel running past me with each frame being a different video instead of frames of a video. I'm high so sorry if that doesn't make sense but I got that high off of like 1.5g of schwag firecrackers with a low tolerance, only the friend i did it with has ever been like that.

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