Is there any way to force hermies?

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  1. Say I have one super dank seed and I want more. Is there any way to force the plant to become a hermie and make me more seeds?
  2. Play with it's light. Keep forcing 12/12 on her.

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  3. And if it's a male i'm fucked I guess?
  4. not quite

    if you force into the flowering phase then at 2 weeks turn the lights on for an hour half way thru thr dark cycle it can turn a girl to hermie and a male also, thats what jorge cervantes said, i think

    the hard part would be finding the one or two seeds on the male.
  5. There are presently about six chemical treatments that will induce fertile male flowers to grow on female plants. Gibberellic acid (GA) is the chemical most commonly available. GA is applied to the growing shoots of female plants either in a dilute spray or by wrapping cotton around the shoots and soaking the cotton with the solution. Concentrations of GA used are 0.02% dissolved in dilute sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and then in distilled water for a daily spray, or 5 mg per plant for ten successive days using the cotton soak method. Shoots elongate within a few days and the first male flowers appear among the female flowers from two to three weeks after initial treatment (the treatment works without being particularly precise with the concentration of GA).
    Once you've produced male flowers, you simply pollinate the plant with itself, and you will have feminized seeds.|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50
  6. My opinion go out to borders or a book store and get a book called the breeders bible
    you take a female turn it completely male then pollinate a female those seeds will be all female or Contiuous cross-breeding between a female plant and a hermi plant of the same mother plant origin.
    BTW...Feminized seeds are 100% guarenteed. Its like a 20% chance of being hermi as well.
    Hope that helps but serious id get the breeders bible i got it very informative and consider the grow bible and maybe indoor outdoor horticulture all are filled with great and useful knowledge peace out best of luck with that seed
  7. The easiest way to get it to produce seeds is to let it flower, & give it photo-period interruptions. It starts to stress out because the plant realizes that it should be flowering, but then it gets hit with 18 hrs. of light. Do this for a couple weeks & male flowers will then develop & self pollinate. Next thing you know, you got seeds.

    Just make sure to keep the plant healthy & alive long enough for the seeds to mature.
  8. Breeders use gibberelic acid to force male flowers to form. I have never done it, so do a google.
  9. Good luck with all that. It is NOT easy to produce feminized seeds -- if it were, everyone would be doing it and you would not see the proliferation of professional breeders cranking out femmed seeds on seedbanks. More likely you will screw up your plant in the attempt.

    True that gibberellic and/or specific light exposures can induce a female to hermie. But, just because a plant has hermied does not mean it will produce feminized seeds, that requires a very particular type of hermie that is difficult to achieve (must produce male pollen sacs that contain only feminized pollen). Most likely you will just produce a screwed-up plant. Even if you do produce femmed pollen, there is a decent chance that those offspring will hermie, the seedbanks have done much trial and error to get it just right and to produce stabilized feminized seeds. Lastly, even if you do produce femmed pollen that is stablized, you would be much better off to pollinate a different plant that is an un-hermie'dfemale than to let the plant pollinate itself.

    If you want seeds, best way is to have a male and a female that pollinate more naturally and forget trying to force a hermie. Or, just buy from a seedbank.
  10. Toasty is right...

    Unless you know your shit about breeding big time, it is going to be quite difficult to produce all female seeds. People do not realize that it also takes as many as 5 generations to produce a stabilized breed.

    However, using G-Acid or light interruptions will produce seeds. How many of them will be female & stable is debatable, but chances are you will most likely get a few seeds that can go on to stabilize the breed.

    As a side-note....I have only bought feminized seeds for the last 6 yrs. & not a single time did I EVER have a male or hermi plant develop.

    I think fem. seeds are well worth the money. Unless sexing isn't a big deal to you.
  11. Well, I had 7 Laddies. Then through intermittent light fluctuation, she turned hermi. However, If you DEAD serious, about getting a seed or so, from it, than yes, get the breeders book, if you don't want want to chance it all, take a bread bag,( the long bread paper ones ) gentaly place it over one branch. You can turn one branch into a hermi, while the rest of the plant is fine. It simply reduces that one branch,s light, and can be turned 12/12 over and over, untill you get what you want. I just read that out of a book, so there must be truth to it.

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  12. I am LMFAO !!!

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