Is there any way to cleanse your lungs after years of gravity bongs?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dannyscott, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. If all that is true then I dont think you should have a problem running a mile and a half in 14 minutes. Just run 2 miles a 4 or 5 times a week.

    I remember my senior year of HS I ran for the first time in forever to get into conditioning for lacrosse and I hacked up so much tar and mucus it was ridiculous. Felt good afterwords though :cool:
  2. Using the same bottle is definitely what fucked your lungs! Trust me I'll take like 5 gravity bongs rips in a row but I get a new bottle every week. Holy fuck I can't even imagine how nasty ripping that must must have been.

  3. But do you know how painful that is? While the above is true. I cannot run to save my life! I can sprint but extended cardio feels like death! I ran today to do a diagnostic I didn't get to a quarter of a mile before I fealt like collapsing. But I did practically guzzle a half liter of water a half before because we have a heat index of 100s of degrees down here which probably attributed to it.
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    I blaze GB's all the time my lungs are sweet i can run for ages i just cough shit up all the time,

    I got mad resin tooth on my fake tooth from buckys tho.. lol

    Changing the bottle wont do shit lol

    Just run and keep up the fitness and you'll be sweet.
  5. Just run and exercise.

    Your lungs aren't damaged from marijuana, it's an expectorant or w.e.

    Your lungs just aren't conditioned yet. Always breathe in your nose and out your mouth to work on lung expansion and recovery.

    Eat healthy.

    That's about it.

    You could take a vacuum and insert it into your lungs and turn it on. It will suck the tar out.

    This last tip I don't actually recommend you'll probably die

  6. I mean its not like I am inhaling the shit on the side of the bottle, whats worse is I barely change my water. When i'd go fishing or chilling outdoors away from places I have bent over creeks, lakes, and oceans to pull gb's in the water lol, doesn't bother me because after years of doing it you learn to precisely time when you let your mouth go.

    Yea and speaking of resin when I was a broke bitch I would scrape my gb and get about 4-5 total bongpacks out of it, do you think smoking resin balls was a bad idea?
  7. gravity bongs are a breeding ground for mold and algae
  8. I've read that a joint has 20x the tar as a cig. (not sure if true or not)

    But regardless. Stopping will not hurt anything, I'd say roughly 2 years or so and you should be well enough ( in terms of lung power) to not feel any side affects.

    ( haven't smoked in like 4 months, and am able to run a mile in roughly 8:26. That's with cigarettes, mind you.)

    But i was smoking gravs every day either,
  9. this might be the stupidest thing ever written on GrassCity....

    but maybe breathe in steam coming off a pot of boiling water?

    scientifically makes sense to me at this juncture/time of night
  10. [​IMG]

    How is it stupid? Because I have a genuine inquiry in regards to my health and general welfare and believe there is information out there for the betterment of the state of lungs? Well one tip somebody messaged me is pranayama which I have been practicing recently and it feels great, plus some other things.
  11. Stop smoking. Your body naturally cleanses itself. Give your lungs a break for a month and they will be fine.
  12. Haha like Fizzly said, I meant that there are bigger things to worry about than the possibility of some random medical issue in the future.

    As for the drug, it's called an expectorant. There are some over-the-counter ones available, but they make prescription-strength as well. It breaks up the mucus so you can cough things up.

  13. Well I have been drinking a lot of water recently and practicing this Kapalbhati Pranayama yoga for breathing and I have been definitely coughing up a bunch more mucus with its abdominal thrusts and exhales. However my phlegm isn't really discolored. Nor has it really ever been and this exercise has me coughing up shit left and right, but there is nothing ostensible about it, its clear and gooey... Though when I breath out sharply noises from my throat sound like a broken down weezing car from the early previous century...
  14. Science Says: Lungs Love Weed

    Get that vaporrub shit and put it on your chest once in a while, feels good man..
    And do you swim a lot? Because over time swimmers bodies utilize and distribute oxygen 3 times better then a normal body so... yeah.

    As long as you don't smoke cigs your lungs will be happy.

  15. I think he meant what he said might be stupid

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