Is there any way to cleanse your lungs after years of gravity bongs?

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  1. I have been using gravity bongs since middle school, I am 18 now. I mean a lot. Regular bongs which I have do not get me as high as the the gravity bongs I pull, and I pull mustard gas ones.

    To cut it short I need not only look at my 3 liter bottle that was once a clear plastic, now blown black as Mordor to know what I have been putting in my lungs. I can only imagine what it looks like inside me after 5-6 years of that shit.

    I can only imagine how much my lungs are just caked with resin and debris, I am starting to worry especially since I leave for the Air Force on the 18th of next month. I'm clean now... and I don't even smoke but when I run for more then 5 minutes I feel like there is an enron oil refinery working post-haste inside me. And I got to run a mile-and-half in under 14 minutes for basic. . .

    Does anyone know a way to cleanse myself or do some inner cleaning short of taking a lung from some poor sap in mexico?
  2. I do actually run quite a bit, but would running be a surefire way to cleanse it. Like there isn't any irreversable damage right?

    If you're correct then I'ma run every day.
  3. Time, measured in years or decades.
  4. just poop alot.
  5. Who knows? -- although from your description, common sense would say that there is.

    But a doctor probably couldn't even answer that for sure.

    Time will tell.

  6. Well my friend who has been using them for ten years and is a little older then I skateboards and snowboards says he feels no adverse effects on his lungs, and he participates in those recreational activities with no feeling of pressure or hurt on the lungs from extended activity. What I am mostly concerned is taking steps to lower the possible damage. There has to be something I can do....
  7. the body heals itself quite well. unless you have lung cancer or something, i wouldn't be too worried
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    But resin and tar that are byproducts of exhuming plantmatter/cannabis is surely something that is going to stick, and stick, and cake, and just plaster my lungs, the longevity of the matter tells me there are similar effects from smoking ciggerettes and that the tar in there will be there forever, are you certain of this?

    But one thing to note, I have like 5 relatives who died in the passed 7 years to lung cancer :(
  9. The tar will eventually clear up, but it could take years (it's impossible to determine how long). There are things you can do to aid your lungs in recovery such as maintain a healthy diet: lots of garlic, lemon, onion, ginger; fruits and vegetables (the darker the better), and so on. Regular exercise also helps your body regenerate itself.

    I drink a cup of green tea with lemon and ginger everyday and rarely get so much as a throat tickle, so you may want to start there.
  10. Your body will likely cleanse itself in time -- IF -- you don't smoke ANYTHING any more.

    I read somewhere, years ago, that if a cigarette smoker smokes for 20 years then quits, it will take him another 20 years to get back to ground zero. In other words, each year of smoking requires a year of NOT smoking to get back to zero.

    But that's for tobacco. And everyone is different. And there are no guarantees. Some people smoke for years, quit and get lung cancer years later. It's all a crapshoot. Genetics may or may not be a factor for any particular person.

    I smoked tobacco for around 30 years, quit 13 years ago but I worry about it all the time, even though my lungs are fine as far as I or my doctor knows. Pot doesn't help but I'm too old to give a fuck any more.
  11. A mile and a half in 14 minutes is very doable. Just everyday exercise and do cardio. you will be fine.
  12. Get a nicotineless (or not) e-cig and the vapor will help your lungs clean themselves, and this is pot and not tobacco, our lungs can still clean themselves because marijuana doesn't damage and kill the cilia which can move the tar around to try and clean.
  13. Yea my mother has those, but she of course can't help but bring back a pack or two every other day from WaWa, so I'll take that. And thanks for the support guys as you can see this is troubling me. One other thing to add, which is odd...

    I do not cough, nearly never. Not when i wake up, not when I go to bed. Its nuts. I would of thought after all those years i'd be hacking shit up. That to, I don't hack up any discolored mucus, sometimes some sticky yellow shit, but vary rarely. I also can breath deep for a long period of time and can remarkably hold my breath under water for almost 2 minutes and I barely swim.

    Could these turn out to be adverse effects later?
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    i suggest smoking weed.. out of glass on glass. marijuana is a lung expectorant

    -but if your done smoking, im sure you'll feel better soon enough.... and replace your grav bottle at least bi weekly
  15. Could? Yes I suppose so. You could have lung problems down the road. You could also break your back too, so be careful.

    But really once you have quit, the recovery doesn't take too long. After a month of not smoking you will notice that cardio is easier. After 6 months you'll feel like you never smoked a day in your life.

    You said you aren't even hacking up any chunks of shit, so I don't think you have anything to worry about. Let your lungs cleanse themselves.

    However, since you asked, I know a pulmonologist and he told me that there is a prescription drug available that helps the lungs dissolve/clean up all the shit inside.
  16. I rip gravity bongs all the time and don't have this problem, but did you use the same 3 liter everytime?? I get a new bottle all the time and keep the cap with the socket and reuse it.
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    Ehh, I don't see how any of that translates to back problems, anyways could you perchance find me the name or ingredients of said drug?

    Well I mean yea, that bitch was my baby, perfect shape and cap, used that sucker for years. I would some nights just have marathons and pull-offs, see who can consume the most GB's with my stonies but that turned into almost 4-8 gbs a day because my tolerance skyrocketed exponentially! for months at a time with little breaks imbetween. I also stopped for 99 days last year to go through the Military entrance and processing center because it took me 65 days on the dot to get entirely clean and pass a 12$ test. I haven't been as bad as I used to before that but once october 14th(swear in date) hit and I swore I smoke for probably 8 months streight after during my DEP, I also have taken up smoking something I will not mention that starts with a P recently but only consumed 5 grams of it so far totally which also concerns me but I won't risk having this thread deleted.
  18. I think what he meant was that there are a zillion other ways of harming yourself.
  19. Also i've considerred that it cannot be much worse then those who smoke joints and blunts habitually. Think about it, you're smoking it streight up, inhaling with no filter. Nothing, plus the paper. Are there any data or studies done on the lungs of someone who has smoked spliffs/blunts on a consistant basis for many years? Also considerring that in those objects there is 10-100x the ammount of weed used in a GB cap.... Thoughts?

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