is there any way to block pms on this board

Discussion in 'General' started by crusher101, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. because red's dreads is starting to pm me to argue with him and im sick of his shit. all he is trying to do is keep getting me to confront him about something. and heres the kicker. he still doesnt realize that what i said had nothing to do with the reason why he is arguing with me.
  2. Does the Add So-And-So To Your Ignore List link let you ignore pm's, too? If so, just click on the guy's screen name and look at the bottom of that first frame,to the right.
  3. i know how to ignore people i just didnt know if it blocked pms too.
  4. oh snap, everyone so far has a sig made by me :D...sorry off subject!


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