Is there any truth to this?

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    My neighbors are devoted Democrats. They stopped by with their 6 year old daughter a couple weeks ago and we all got to talking.

    The little girl proudly announced "When I grow up, I am going to be President!"

    I responded "That's wonderful! What will you do when you become President?"

    "Well," she said "I am going to make sure all the homeless people have houses to live in!"

    To that I answered "Well, that is a wonderful idea. But, why wait until you are President. I'll tell you what, come over to my house
    and I will pay you $50 to cut my lawn, pull the weeds, and rake up the clippings. Then, we can go down to town and you can give the
    $50 to the first homeless person we see."

    At this point, her parents are glaring at me...

    The little girl seemed lost in thought for a few moments, and then said "Why don't you just hire the homeless person to come do the
    work and earn the money themselves?"

    I answered, "Congratulations, you're going to be a Republican!" [​IMG]

    They haven't been back since...


    Is this an accurate representation of Democrats and Republicans?
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  2. Sadly, it's mostly accurate of the mainstream. When you dig down a bit deeper, and find people who are more educated, it changes a little, but not a lot.

    The good news is, there is a third choice, libertarianism.
  3. Dude, you totally pwned that 6 year old!!
  4. I'm a Neo Con myself :D

    Dude your totally the guy who never gets a joke...
  5. It's an amusing story that's been around in different forms for a while. Unfortunately the Republican party is in ruins, and has been for some time. I believe that this was mostly caused by their allowing the organization to be hijacked by the Religious Right.

  6. Your wrong about that. The GoP isnt in ruins because of the religious members of the party. The GoP is in ruins because it became too liberal case in point look at the last GoP nominee Mccain he was pretty much a blue dog democrat with only the label of Rep party. Other proof is the Tea Party if the GoP was doing it's job as the conservative party the Tea Party would have never got off the ground. My Point is the GoP is ruins because it moved away from conservatism. If you doubt what I am saying just look at what the principles of the Tea Party are and you will see what the GoP would look like if it wasn't run by a bunch of liberals. To prove my point even farther Ron Paul is more conservative than 90% of the current GoP. Being conservative means limiting government to the smallest possible size without descending into anarchy in reality its about personal freedom. Personal freedom is funny though because being free means personal responsibility because the government isn't big enough to come save ure ass if u screw up the upside is you can do nearly anything you want without having to worry about the government telling u cant do that. It also means much lower taxes because small gov = lower costs. I guess that doesn't matter to liberals cuz they love paying taxes.
  7. Yes people, the GOP is too liberal. Thats right, the party that just nominated Rand Paul for Senate is too liberal. /faceplam

    I think this just goes to show how far-right the GOP is moving. There actually use to be many moderate, New England Republicans. Not anymore.

    So ya, your argument is bullshit.

    Only in this country would someone like Bob Bennett not be conservative enough for the right.

  8. Being conservative is not about being on the right. It's about adhering to the constitution and by proxy personal freedom because that's what the American constitution is all about.

    Rand Paul didn't win that election because of the GoP he won that election because of the Tea Party. The Tea Party's number one goal is to kick all the incumbents they possibly can out of DC. That includes democrats too because the people are sick and tired of both parties BS. Obama promised change etc.. but all he did was continue the same old BS the democrats and republicans have been doing the past 90 years. Your a fool if you think dem elections cant be influenced by the Tea Party just like that GOP election was. Just look at brown the tea party got him elected in one of the most liberal seats in one the most liberal states in the union. You want to know why the Tea Party has such power ? Because the Tea Party is about adhering to the constitution the one thing that unites all Americans.
  9. That democratic party ideals are the type of stuff only the mind of a 6 year old thinks makes sense?

    Yes, that is correct.

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