Is there any strains similar to the Blue Dream?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by LionInTheJungle, May 6, 2011.

  1. Are there any strains availabe on attitude similar to the Blue Dream?:smoke:
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    Must be following Sublbc on youtube (or is it Varndizzle 125? I always get the two confused).. LOL I have been wondering the same thing ever since I started following him.

    I've heard it's a clone only strain.
  3. riots seeds has a seed version of it dont know how good it is
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    That's blueberry x super silver haze, so which part do u enjoy most the blueberry or silver influence? If it's blueberry then get blue cheese, if silver then try the straight super silver haze. Both amazing!

  5. It's actually Blueberry x haze, as far as similar goes try riot seeds stormy orange dream. If you like the blueberry dank taste try to get blue hash from dinafem.
  6. dont know seed banks, but Flow and Great White Shark both have a simular high as Blue dream
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    Actually... It's not just a 'haze' is IS super silver haze...

    Riot Seeds presents Blue Dream Feminized.>>>

    "Like any other Riot marijuana seeds, Blue Dream is suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. This strain is a combination of a sort of blueberry and Super Silver Haze. Blue Dream haze is a popular seed within the Californian Medical Marijuana society and is a sativa dominant plant. The plant has long branches that stretch out and needs a lot of room for its roots to for optimum quality make your you have the right conditions."

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    Great White shark hasn't got a similar taste to any blue strain, never had flow.
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    i was saying the high was bout the same, never mentioned taste. i dont know any other strain close in taste. cept maybe blue hash, but high different. or try looking for some haze x some kinda blue berry leanin toward indica.

    and flow i think maybe clone only from denver area. its a skunk like that great white shark
  10. Yeah I wasn't disagreeing with you, just pointing out of it's flavour he was after the gws wouldn't deliver. Blue cheese is amazing tho try if u ain't had before ;)
  11. Thanx for all the replies you guys. Think im going to order some of that riot blue dream but coincidentally i have 3 beans Dinafem Blue Hash and 5 beans Barneys Blue Cheese.

    Freshfed your right Barneys Blue Cheese is some sweet sensi. Blue Cheese is in my top ten.
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    Yeah man got bout 18g stashed, 1month cure almost the jar when popped is unbelievable! Pure blueberry cream smell, aww man, fuk it I'm rolling! 4.20 in 4mins in my time Zone haha,.

    Grew dina blue hash before but had t kill in wk3 of veg As I got a frantic
    Tx from my mate from the back of a police van telling me to get rid of anything I had lol. I will follow that grow dude! Woop!

    Ps, blue cheese yields less than some strains but compensates big time in taste

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