Is there any specific way when transplanting a plant? 1st grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BrutalDope, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Hey guys its my first grow and im not really sure of how to transport my plants from small pots to big ones, is there anything specific to be done? like how do i pull out the plant without damaging it?

  2. Now I KNOW I just posted in this thread. What's goin on?
  3. read some of the posts... I just asked this question somewhat a day ago
  4. if theres no problem with the current grow medium, then just pick up the whole root ball / clump of dirt ( if its time to re-pot, itll all come up together pretty easily). Get a bigger pot with a layer or dirt in the bottom so as to make up the difference, put your plant on top of this dirt and fill in the sides.

    if you do have a problem with your soil now ( cheap shit, over-fertilized, parasites, etc) then start off by pullin the root ball out

    now, GENTLY, knock off as much dirt as you can from the roots. DO THIS IN AS DIMLY LIT AN AREA AS POSSIBLE. no direct light on your exposed roots. none.

    use a brush, or put them in a bowl of water for a second (dont drown them) to rinse some off.

    take your pot that has about 1/4-1/3 soil in it already, put your plant in and HOLD IT where you want it. Dont tie it or clip it, because you dont want to tear it. The roots should be loosely dangling in the air in your partially filled pot.

    with your free, start feeding in soil, slowly, and gradually covering the roots.
  5. lol, hes asking this question everywhere! next time start the seedling in a peat pot or cup so eventually all you have to do is throw the thing into a bigger pot and surround it by more soil. anything you can do to avoid disturbing the roots is the best possible thing. do a little research.
  6. I start my plants in 1 gal plastic potting bags. When it is time to repot I take a razor blade and cut the bottom of the bag off. I can now simply put the bag on top of another larger pot with soil in it and the roots are undisturbed. It looks funny but works well.
  7. When I transplant I start by puting soil into the bottom of new pot and check final height by placing current pot on top, adding more soil if needed. I then use my garden sprayer and spray that soil. I then sit the current pot back in the new container and add soil around the pot, about 3".... spray that layer. continue this till your at final soil level.

    Now its time to remove your plant from its old home and put her in the nest you've created. Fill in any space around her... dont pack the soil down. Give her a good watering and your done.
  8. Hold the pot on the ground, grab the stem with the other hand and pull as hard as you can.
  9. Thanks for all the helpful replies I will attempt to transplant today when i get the new soil, sorry for posting in two section, I just wanted to know asap since i have to do it today since it looks like the roots are getting to big for the pots, one more question do i need to water before i do it?
  10. I usually water the day before I transplant
  11. Double-posting actually does not get answers twice as fast.

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