Is there any specific way when transplanting a plant? 1st grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BrutalDope, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Hey guys its my first grow and im not really sure of how to transport my plants from small pots to big ones, is there anything specific to be done? like how do i pull out the plant without damaging it?

  2. I cut the bottom off the small pot, then I make two long vertical cuts on opposite sides of the pot, starting at the bottom and stopping an inch before the top of the pot. I Pour dirt into the big pot until I can set the bottom-less small pot on top of the dirt and have the soil surface in the small pot at the final height I want it. Then I pour dirt into the area between the outside of the small pot and the inside of the big pot until I reach the top of my cuts. I finish the vertical cuts and pull out the sides of the small pot.

    It's really up to what you find easy and simple.
  3. I start my seeds off in 5 litre ex-mineral water bottles. After sexing, the males go on the compost heap and the girls go into larger pots. I cut off the mineral water bottles, and surround the rootball with fresh compost. As the roots grow into the new compost, the girls go into turbo grow.
  4. I scoop out a hole in the center of the soil in my new large pot and I place the small pot (with the plant in it) inside this hole to measure. Ensure that the small pot fits nicely in the hole in the large pot, with the soil tops of each at the same level. This is simply to make the hole in the soil of the larger pot the right size.

    Then I take the smaller pot and gently squeeze it in and out of few times on the sides, all the way around, to loosen the soil. Then, place a hand over the top of the small pot, fingers spread, with the stem of the little plant poking up between two fingers. In one motion turn the pot completely upside down. If the soil doesn't slide out of the small pot into your palm on its own, gently smack the bottom of the pot with your other hand until the entire soil glob slides out, still in the shape of the pot. Place this inside the hole in the new soil.

    Similar results to what Rusty described but you don't cut up the small pots so they can be re-used in the future.
  5. Thanks i think i will go with toastybiz way because i want to be able to re-use my old pots, do i need to water before i do this so the soil stays together?
  6. No, I should have mentioned that -- watering before attempting to transplant actually will make it more difficult. If wet, the soil can stick to the pot and not come out easily in a single lump. If it is dried out a bit that will help, in fact as it dries out the soil will pull away a bit from the sides of the pot, making it that much easier.

    Do water the larger pot after transplanting.
  7. You want the soil to be neither soaking wet nor dust dry. A day or two after watering should be fine.
  8. I use very cheap pots and consider myself a little too ham-handed to hold my plants upside down without breaking something

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