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is there any reason for it?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Jun 26, 2004.


when is it best to smoke sativas? (random poll)

  1. Height of Summer, on your own with only the companionship of a butterfly nearby.

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  2. Depth of winter, in a jar with a monkey.

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  3. When the leaves start fallin and the Wolves Dance with Frogs.

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  4. When the Flowers are in bloom and the Sheep are Humpin.

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  1. it.

    i mean seriously....

    is there any reason for it?


    hello grasscity,

    this is my thread for today.

    there are many like it, but this one is mine. (homage to the great Stan)

    Wakey Wakey, Morning Sunshine and Bong Bakey.

    Time to get high in the sunshine. I hope the neighbours can see its a bong i'm smokin. :D

    hows everyone today?
  2. I say its best to smoke sativa in the morning. Its great anytime of year! my recipe for getting completly tore up is a couple bowls of indica, then a couple more of sativa... locks you to the couch, and makes ya think about it :D
  3. :D:D:D

    hehe. ya got me speakin in a high pitched voice sayin "ahhhh fuckin luv it!" haha. "...and makes ya think about it" hahaha. good one.

    off i go for some bongilos. ahhhh. i missed ja cannabis. (though 'tis only soapbar)
  4. wow, you actually managed to pick up some smoke? rock on man, I'm about to have a bowl of some nice cheapass shwag. it's the kind of stuff that's really strong smelling but in a bad way, better than nothing though

    (sativa is best smoked in a secluded [but outdoors] area on a windy day, unless I'm getting my strains mixed up again in which case it's the opposite)
  5. Whenever, wherever.
  6. Okay, you should smoke in all those situations and report back to us...... IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE..... haha



  7. you said it :D:smoke:
  8. I said when the leaves are fallin! All the plants are changing color, its a nice fair temperature, the air seems to smell and feel amazing, nice time to sit back and smoke some sativa with the wolves.
  9. Kubric is a wacko.
  10. dry times dry times, they never last.

    haha, the law can never keep a good plant down.
    oh bums... i screwed up the poll again didnt i.... shoulda had this one set so u can choose as many as you like.
  11. all those times are lovely but spring i think is the best. not too hot! haha:)

    hola digit how've you been?
  12. i like summer. the weed flows like water. and it's cool smoking while going wake boarding. it's crazy, man.

  13. i thought that was called autumn........

  14. Dude, right on. My dads got a boat and we picked up a wakeboard last year but I only got to use it twice. Its so fun though, Im definetly doing a lot of wakeboardin this year. I dunno about toking with it tho, my pops dont dig that shit.

    And the best is chillin back in the shade with some buddies on a nice day passin around a fat blunt.
  15. hola ganjaphish, long time no see. I've had some really unpleasant times what with gettin dumped and shit. it aint easy being the type of person that takes years to get over a broken heart.
    but it aint all bad. how have u been?

    i'm out again...

    it doenst last long enough when you have ZERO income. :(

    surviving on sunshine and meditation... I CAN MEDITATE AGAIN!!! WOOHOO!... still see her face most of the time when i close my eyes tho. still insane. :D
  16. ahhh i know quite a bit about dry times and zero income. it NEVER lasts long enough, i was unemployed for a good 10 months recently. just got a new job and even still i have to catch up on everything else before i can splurge, but luckily we have good friends(medical MJ patients) who let us trim/help grow for nugs. without that i'd have been dry for most of last year.

    sorry to hear about the broken heart, big hugs and lots of love go your way!!

  17. that prayer scares me every time i watch that movie.. especially that line.. "Hiiiii Joker."
  18. Job applications....
    why!? why the fuck am i putting myself through this crap again!?

    last time i was on a mad "gottafindajob" mode i was at least applying for jobs i actually wanted... this time i'm not. :(
    woohoo(sarc), now i'll get rejected for shit jobs too... what a great way to boost ones feeling of self worth.

    ya know, in an evolved society, i'd be doing what i do best now and actually playing a productive roll in society making movies, music, animations, artwork, philosophical writings, political analysis, and all the stuff that comes with following a shamanic path, helping others in need, teaching others, growing feilds of hemp yada yada yada. ... and i'd have been doing that stuff for the past 5 years. and if we were so evolved, i might actually be doing alot of it while orbiting high above earth.
    instead the stupid fucks at the "funcentre" need unemployed people to keep themselves employed. fuhhhhcked up. i asked one of them if they had ever been unemployed... she hadnt. SHE HAD NEVER BEEN UNEMPLOYED!!! AND YET SHE WORKED IN THE JOBCENTER SUPPOSEDLY TRYING TO ASSIST OTHERS GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK??? who hires those people!??!??!?!?!?
  19. reason for being on said "gottafindajob" mode is cos i'm movin out! yay! "freedom"... or kinda. lol. freedom from the folks anyways. so i'll be needin to get a new connection at my new pad.

    so next time yas hear from me i'll actually have the freedom to have a bong in my primary facial orifice whilst typin. :D

    Lease signing, Job Applications and Benifit claims tomoro... wot fun.

    *Digit becoming beaten down shoop*

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