is there any plant that look a lot like MJ?

Discussion in 'General' started by vincent47, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. I was just wondering if there is any plant that basically looks almost exactly like marijuana(so you could easily confuse it for marijuana at least).I just want for decoration lol anybody know?
  2. Cannabis is distantly related to the hopps plant, which is one of the major botanical constituents that is used in the production of beer. It doesn't look alot like it though, but back in the seventies, guerilla growers would graft hops branches to their plants in order to better camoflauge them. This technique isn't used as much these days as guerilla growing has become less popular due to the rise of high intensity discharge lighting.
  3. [​IMG]
    japanese maple
  4. yeah, hemp.

    It's basically cannabis with a nearly non existant THC level, used to make oils, paper, fibre, etc.
  5. ok that aint legal to grow in US though right?Where can I get hemp seeds if it is? I wanna grow indoors if that matters.
  6. Not too sure, you'd have better luck finding out in the growing section.
  7. well I just found out hemp aint legal to grow in us they are working to legalize though for fiber and stuff.Anybody else got any ideas I don't wanna big tree either something from 3-10 ft max cause I'm indoor.
  8. alright, first and foremost, if you're growing indoors, I would not worry about camoflauging your plant to make it look like something else. If somebody finds it, they are going to find out what it is because nothing grows flowers like mj and that's what you want to product to smoke.

    Secondly, if you want something that is three to four feet tall, then you're going to want to go looking for seeds of an Indica-dominant variety, and not sativa, as sativas grow about 6 feet tall and indicas generally grow 3-5 feet tall. Any shorter and you're looking at dwarf varieties (lowryder and window box wonder, etc.)

    Thirdly, there is a rare strain called australian bastard cannabis that is extremely hard to find that does not look at all like cannabis.
  9. It doesn't have to flower and I want it to be legal in the US just the leaf looking like MJ is fine and if has to be green.That strain in that article was cool, don't think it's legal though.
  10. what is this for? some sort of decoration? if it is, you can probably just find some well made plastic imitation leaves . . .
  11. yeah I might do that just seeing if there was a real plant very simliar in leaf texture.
  12. ive seen immitation marijuana plants that look exactly like a real plant growing only its plastic just google it or something im sure u can find them somewhere

  13. We got that at my school, but it has green leafs. All it would need is some kill bud growin' on it and it's MJ.

  14. hahaha, yea. me too :D
  15. dude that just aint right,,,,, i aint never seen nor heard of no shit like that,,,i would like to have a 6 ft plant and in the dark,plant that bitch in the shrubbary near the post office,,,,,and set back till morning and watch all hell break loose,,,,, there is a plant out there that looks just like a reefer plant,,it gets 6ft. tall and looks incredibly close ,,the leaves have the same shape and all,,, it looks like a huge pot plant ,,,but it flowers a big deep purple flower,,, ive grown it yrs. ago,,my grandma give it to me , i did keep seeds for 3 yrs. and kept growing it,,,butslowly i got bored with it,,,right now there aint no way in hell id grow that thing in my yard,,,thats asking for a knock on the door.
  16. oh yeah,, im waked and baked for sure,,,,i forgot to mention 1 thing,,, you could p.m. DORKLOVER664,,shes a minor botanist,,,, she should really be able to give you the name of that plant,,,,i could get it,, but that would mean a phone call to me good ol grandma,,which would give the answer,,,but id be stuck with that phone to my ear for the next 40 mins. that would be a buzz killer....

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