is there any place to get free seeds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by cinder1994, May 15, 2010.

  1. There are several banks and breeders that throw in freebies with your order. I think that I have actually gotten more free than I paid for from the Attitude, but that is hitting certain monthly specials at the right times. Like the 15 free seeds from DNA Genetics that were a special run.

    As far as just getting free without paying anything, I highly doubt it.

    I now use HighGrade Seeds exclusively. I prefer dealing with the breeder directly. His prices are good and you always get free extras of the same seed with every order. He doesnt do feminized, has many classic strains, and quite a few that he has bred himself.

    There is a grow log section on their forums that users post, not Highgrade, that speak well for his stock. Another plus is that for every highgrade seed grow log you post with weekly updates, how and what you are using to grow, and a smoke report at the end, you get a free full order of seeds with your next order. Its like a sore penis, you cant beat it!

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