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Is there any kind of weed that doesn't cloud your thought?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Respectedpuddle, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Yo guys im really over this acting stupid and slow and retarted shit, is there any weed that sets you back but you can still smoke a lot and function. Like when i get baked i lost my shit, and it sucks I just wanna go through my day just feel baked but still be able to do shit. Would indica do this?

  2. I think a sativa dominant strain would be good even though it is a head high I feel the buzz but I also feel like I can function normally. Not an expert though so don't know which strains would be sativa dominant.
  3. I think you're shit out of luck man....getting baked does that to you, smoke less weed? Really don't know what to tell you....unless I'm wrong? don't know for sure but with my experiences I have always gotten blazed with cloudy thoughts :D
  4. Smoking blunts gives me cloudy thoughts. Blunts are hoot
  5. I think you`re sol.
  6. From my experience I recommend Purple Kush. I'm smoking it right now and the high is very similar to what you desrcribed.
  7. Indica for a nice body high, that should leave you with clear thoughts.
  8. There's a lot that goes into a strain that may differentiate between each one, but another thing to try to experiment is different deliveries of THC. Have you tried vaporizing? Everybody reacts differently, and in my experience, vaporization makes me think more clearly. It could definitely be the placebo effect but that is my experience.
  9. Smoke some Blue Dream man
  10. I've found through personal use that it's not what type of weed, but how that weed is smoked or vaped. I feel like when I smoke it clouds up my thoughts and it's more intense high but with vape it is more of a background high. Like I'm calm and chill but I could talk to my parents and they would have no idea
  11. My advice, Smoke a very good quality Sativa for a very clear high with a clean come down, smoke little ass hits or snaps through out the whole day as needed instead of a whole joint/blunt/bowl at once
  12. If you're an idiot before you smoke weed, you'll be an idiot after smoking weed.

    I smoke daily with occasional t-breaks and find marijuana a great thing.
  13. Try to find an indica-dominant strain. Failing that, pack snaps and stop smoking when you feel good, but functional.
  14. The way you act when you're high is solely up to you, the type of strain can only influence you.

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