Is there any benefit to adding ACT to a "hot" soil mix?

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    Question: Is there any benefit to adding ACT to a "hot" soil mix?

    I think most people mix their soil and let it sit for a few weeks to a few months before being used.

    Anyone using ACT in the soil during the time (no plants)? The idea of course being that the boost of microlife would help the mix "brew".

  2. It is a very good idea to add a ACT to your mix during the "cook" time. The microbes in the soil and the extra microbes from the tea cycle the nutrients from the soil and thereby make those same nutrients available to the plants. The more nutrients you have as in hot soil the more important that becomes.

    As a matter of routine I usually add an ACT to my soil mix when I have leftover tea and several weeks before using that soil. And perhaps an under looked feature of ACT is it's hard to over do it......MIW
  3. Exactly what MIW said.

    Thats how I dampen my soil batches when I mix them up. Next weekend i'm mixing soil. Friday I will get an ACT brewing so that I'll be ready to use it once the soil is mixed. You can't overdo an ACT and by adding any extra life to your boost your soil life numbers is a good thing.

  4. Thanks guys! Unfortuntely, I can't rep either of you :p

    It seemed pretty common sense but I figured it was best to ask.
  5. Same here to both MIW and Jerry. It's also how I add my Humic. Much easier than trying to blend 1tsp into 2cf of mix. LOL

  6. Hey good morning Wet.

    I use the BioAg products - I actually have a couple different ones, the TM-7 and Humisolve? I dunno - they're at home. One has seaweed and micronutrients and the other one is straight-up stuff. Anyways - I use a quarter teaspoon per gallon, mix up a big 5 gallon bucket worth and mix good, and then let it settle. Theres always some sediment with this stuff. Then I dunk my sprayer into it and fill it after it settles, use the sprayers worth and root drench with the rest. I probably do this only once or twice in the plants life. I actually mixed a teaspoon in with some kelp & alfalfa tea for the flower room the other day as I hadnt used any in quite awhile. I dont think its good to use this stuff too much/often.

    I like your way of doing it too - get it in there right from the get-go.

    Have a nice day man.


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