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Is there an advantage to a chillum over a small spoon?

Discussion in 'Dry Pieces, Glass Spoon Pipes and Sherlocks' started by tubro, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Title says it all really. I'm about to go an a vacation where I'll be doing a lot of stealth smoking. I plan on taking my spoon which is pretty small, about the size of a Bic lighter. I'm wondering if i should buy a chillum though. I've never used one before, and I wonder if it would be better than my spoon. Any thoughts?
  2. I personally perfer a chillum. They are usually smaller depending upon each of course, but they fit better in my pocket and just seam more convenient than a spoon to me.
  3. If you want a small piece for small bowls, a chillum might be what you want. I think that small spoons are much stealthier though than a chillum of the same size. Maintaining a cherry and the actual act of smoking is a lot easier and concealable with a standard bowl.
  4. I disagree with the above poster. Chillums are easier to conceal, and a lot of the time come with a larger bowl than a spoon of comparable size. I think they're smoother than dry spoons, as well.

    That said, if you already own a small spoon, it might not be worth it to buy one.
  5. who the hell wants to cock there head back to keep the bowl in place.. chillums are retarted in my eyes.. im cool with a nice spoon.. plus i never smoked out of a chillum that didnt leave me with an ass full of ash in my mouth.. dosnt seem to easy to hide when your tryin to smoke out of a chillum if you ask me
  6. I get almost no ash from my chillum, versus a mouthful on the last hit of every other dry piece i've ever smoked. and i don't hold my head any different, either.

    have you ever smoked a chillum?
  7. yeah for sure.. why would i comment on something i have no idea about.. thats hypicritical.. if thats the correct spelling lol.. or even a word :devious:.. and i always had to keep my head up so the bowl dosnt fall out or burnt peices.. i buy my "spoons" simply for the fact they wont suck through.. you can usually tell what will suck through and what wont.. one of my first pipes was a chillum, more of a pain in the ass then anything else...
  8. this is a perfect example of an un-experienced smoker
  9. If the weed is falling out of your chillum, it is packed too lose. Compress it a little with your finger and vuala, you can hit it horizontally.
  10. weed wont fall out of a chillum if u pack it normally.

    go chillum it fits better, and you only need one hand to properly hold and conceal it. just smoke a chillum like a cigarette and be all nonchalant when you smoke and no1 will suspect ur smoking.
    if ur really going for stealth then get a dugout and cigarette bat, its 10$ for both and you can get away with that almost anywhere, i smoke in nyc with that and smoking areas in theme parks and people only see me smoking a cig
  11. that things looks hella convenient^^^^^^
  12. chilliums are the way to go, they can fit in your hand nice and stealthly like, but can pack just as much if not more than a spoon of similar size. the only thing is that its not really built for smoking with other people. more of a personal smokin device in my opionion although it can be passed. they work real nice and if you find a good one, they can be real strong too, my friend had a real nice one and dropped it on concrete and it didnt break.
  13. thats pretty sweet
  14. x2 for the dugout. I have 2 (1 was a gift) of them and they are by far the best way to smoke if you don't want to be seen smoking. Just make sure you have a little distance from people so they can't smell it. I use my dugout after classes on campus pretty often. It's usually funny when another toker realizes that I keep loading my "cig". :) I've met TONS of other smokers because of this thing... but keep in mind, a college campus is just about the most lenient place to smoke, so remember your surroundings.
  15. chillums rock i have like two of them for when i feel like smoking and not useing my vaporizer for whatever reason. But for the chillum use the hand chamber method its the best way to smoke out of them better then a spoon imo. Basically make your hand a extension of the chillum using it as a chamber put it between your index and middle finger and the chillum should be standing almost straight up clench your fist but still making sure there is air flow between your hand and suck that beautifull smoke in chillums fuck ya up if you use them right and not like a spoon.
  16. I have a cig chillum and a bowl about the size of a bic lighter.

    If your going to be smoking by yourself, bring the chillum for sure,if your gonna be smoking with other people bring the bowl, since you will only get about 2 hits with a chillum.

    The 1 hitter would also be easier to clean on the go. basicly give it a few taps and blow it all out, and repack!
  17. you should make your own chillum.

    take chapstick

    gut everything

    remove the twisty mechanism revealing a hole

    break off the little stick part but keep the round turny thing.

    get a socket and jam it into the open top of the chapstick.

    if you did it right, then you have a chillum that looks exactly like chapstick. you can put the caps back on and everything.

    so incognito
  18. a chillum can be smoked in the same fashion as a cigarette, held between pointer and middle finger. There is no need to be cocking heads back.

    And if you pack a chillum properly, there is virtually no ash to be inhaled until the last hit, if any.
  19. Those cigarette looking bats are soooo straight, I've done some stupid shit as a kid and never got caught. Now that I think about it, those are probably the reason why. If you are stealth smoking get the bat and dugout that was pictured above. It's a small bowl pack just enough for one hit but you can blend in perfectly with other people. You can walk by people and just 'light up a cig'.
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    thats cool i understand the cig chillum.. but others are pointless to me.. and how does that make me a fuckin un experianced smoker? iggnorent asshole.. i just dont have to hide my weed unlike yall hiding that shit from ur wife.. go get a bong

    btw my chillum i use to have the dugout cig one, which was pointless for me, i gave that shit to my rookie aunt, and a normal size pipe, chillum glass peice.. actually really cool peice that was garbage.. you cant just hold it in ur hand like a cig.. so cock ur head back and light it up..

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