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Is there actualky a thc barrier

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Railer, May 6, 2011.

  1. If my friend wants to smoke for the first time, do you have to break down a thc barrier to get high? Also, if I havnt smoked in a while, will I still get high
  2. This probably wont be very helpful but I've read and heard many accounts of ppl not getting high there first time.

    I on the other hand totally did. Makes me wonder if it has more to do with people not really knowing what they are doing when smoking at first.

    You on the other hand should be good to go. Dont know how long its been for you but there was a period not long after i got out of high school where I didnt smoke for about 2 years. Got ripped and never stopped for that long again heh.
  3. what in the fuck

    is a THC barrier?

    Is it like the sound barrier?

    "Put the spurs to her chuck!"
  4. its more likley from not inhaling properly and/or shitty weed
  5. I think it's like the Jewish circumcision.....
  6. People don't get high because they don't inhale properly.

    Make sure to tell your friend to take a deep breath after the smoke is in his mouth to make sure it goes into his lungs.

    I first tried weed with my older brother, and i was taking hits and not coughing, so he told me im not inhaling. He told me this 'double inhale' method, and i coughed my lungs out after one hit and got high as hell haha :smoke:
  7. yup people dont inhale correctly thats why it happens

  8. This exactly lol. No one is magically immune to the effects of cannabis.
  9. Inhale and inhale some more. You don't have to "kick in the door", so to speak, before you can get high.
  10. First time I smoked weed (around 15) I didn't get high. The spliff was rolled by my brother with good shit in it. I inhaled it properly, just nothing happened.

    The second time I was absolutely blazed.
  11. [ame=]YouTube - Biggie Smalls-----Kick In The Door[/ame]

    Had to.

    I never understood how people don't know how to inhale smoke. It's breathing. Smoke in mouth goes into lungs. Get a bong if you're having trouble. Impossible to hit it without inhaling the smoke.

  12. Did you know we have Endogenous cannabinoid receptors?

    We are genetically built to take in Cannibus ^_^
  13. The thc barrier is a Set of concrete blocks in front of your local dispensary designed to keep you away from dee ganja mon.
  14. Comes from the old tale saying that you have to tease your cannabinoid receptors a bit before you can get high, thus saying that you don't always get high the first time. Of course that's just poppycock, better off inhaling properly. :)

  15. The thing is, there is no way that you inhaled properly. I used a bong my first time and I was SO blazed. It's an inhalation problem for every first timer that doesn't get high.
  16. No, I promise you I inhaled properly. I had smoked cigarettes before smoking weed, so I knew how to smoke.

    I'm not saying you have to activate you receptors or whatever, I'm just saying I didn't get high the first time after inhaling properly.
  17. then you didnt smoke enough

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