is there a way

Discussion in 'General' started by Average Bum, May 17, 2006.

  1. one can snort coke moderately as to not get addicted?

    if so, how much/how often?
  2. do it socially not recreationally?ive never done caine before so im not too sure about how hard the addiction hits you. im curious about this also
  3. of course there is, it's all up to you. I find it no harder to moderate my use of coke than weed, in fact it's almost easier because there are more side effects which i would not want all the time.
  4. do you have willpower???

    coke is very addictive, but not like crack, or meth. One time doing a line or two wont hurt u.
    Hell they used to put coke, in coke. I have no problem turning down coke, turning down a bowl, now thats a different story haha
  5. youll be fine doing it once a month. swear.

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