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Is there a way to make your marijuana different colors?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by OsamaBoobGoblin, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. i was just wondering if people can add food coloring or some other type of coloring to make their product look better? a smart buyer would look for hairs and crystals but is there a way to enhance the look or smell of average weed??? im sure some people are doing it
  2. ive heard there are ways of making it gold with some kind of stem stimulation, not really sure how or what its called, but you can put almost any strain and grow it in colder temps and purple and blue hues become present. some more than others. dont know about food coloring or anything
  3. From the small amount of research I did into food coloring a while back it seems to leave you with some pretty harsh tasting herb at the end of the day. If you really want to make your plants look better go with a nice strain and give them the care they deserve :D
  4. I know that watering with sugar will give you sweeter buds, and curing with orange, lemon or lime peels will make it taste citrusy.

    Why would you use food coloring on a plant in the first place?
  5. if you mean literally using food coloring to change the color of dry buds i'd say that is a really bad idea. if you mean watering food coloring into the soil, still probably a bad idea. if you want nice looking and tasting weed you need to find a nice strain, grow it, and grow it well lol. you will be rewarded with the stinkiest and most colorful bud you have ever seen.
  6. lowering temps can cause some purple growth.
  7. If I burn my weed, it turns black, and that is all the color change I need!
  8. Underlying your question, as you wonder about "buyers", you are revealing that you plan to sell your crop -- and there is NO talk of selling allowed on GC, forum rules. :mad:
  9. if it doesnt turn to white ash you have a problemo somewhere in the mix
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  10. Q: Is there a way to make your marijuana different colors?

    A: Photoshop

  11. Depends on how he smokes... I got a buddy that will dump a bowl once all the green is gone. I'm like, dude, wtf? that bowl was still going... and he's all whatever...

  12. Photoshop will make it more potent too ;)

  13. yea i just actually read the OP through good and if your talking about after the bud is harvested then you are in the wrong forum. honestly all that will bring you is bad kharma trying to make "average weed" look better or smell better to turn a profit. not only that but someone is bound to beat your ass off principal if they find out they are getting ripped off. some kid i know who used to get some brick weed he would buy for 80 an oz and put orange peels in with it to add smell and weight. he just got pistol whipped the other day for a quarter and 40 bucks. 15 stitches aboive his eye
  14. man who cares as long as your not doing it let him be
  15. If you make your plants cold it would turn purple
  16. Some, not all. I drop temps in the winter, only a few turn colors. Mainly just bring out what colors are already there
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