is there a way to make your high last less time?

Discussion in 'General' started by bottomdog, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. i dont wanna be high for long tomorrow..just like 3 or 5 hours...

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  2. yeah I was thinking the same zia..

    3-5 hours is a long time. grab yourself a cup of coffee and get it together man!
  3. im usually high for 2 hours max if i smoke a lot. for some reason, if i dont smoke a lot...i still get an intense high, it just doesnt last as long.
  4. For some reason this thread has me rolling.....
  5. If my buzz is any longer then 2 hours i know its sum goood shit.
  6. Wow, when I get a hold of good stuff I can smoke just a little and be high about 3 hours. Just don't smoke a shit load and quit at least an hour before you want to come down if you absolutely have to be sober at a certain time.
  7. go to school, that always killed my high growing up (dont know why, but being stoned never laster longer than a block, which was about 1:15)

    or just smoke a little bit to yourself real fast, that should give you a nice little buzz for only a small amount of time.
  8. i just read my post i didnt mean that..i dont even know why i wrote tha ti meant like half an hour....:( sorry
  9. /\/\/\ Looks like someones got somthing to hide *coughs out Lightweight* it's aiight dude we all strted off somewhere i used to buzz for around that kinda time when first tried it so ya not alone :)
  10. chow down and have a little snooze!........ i hate that! i smoke get hungry and then i feel like i loose my buzz! so i usually smoke more.

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