Is there a way to concentrate photons and travel on them?

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  1. If you had a ship that could withstand an infinite amount of mass? :p

    How does that work? If my mass becomes near infinite the closer I travel to the speed of light what does that do to my body?
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    No, because protons are massless, you cannot travel onto of them or manipulate them in a physical sense - such as holding them or riding them.
    Travelling at the speed of light incurs time dilation and lorentz contraction on your body - stretching you infinitely long (or rather, 99.9% the length of your body at rest) and increasing your mass. You would need infinite energy to travel at this speed as energy and mass are one and the same (The mass-energy equivalence). Thus light interrelates space and time all shown in the equations of Einstein in his Special and General theories of Relativity.
  3. you must be mass-less to travel at the speed of light.
  4. well lets think, what else has massive ammounts of mass? black wholes? so if we move near the speed of light we become black wholes
  5. Are black holes infinitely massive? I forget.

    I dunno. I think there's something hiding in here.
  6. no black whoels form when enough mass condenses into a dense enough state that the gravity pulls in light

    if you became more massive, you would have more gravity, and eventually become a black whole

  7. If a human traveled near the speed of light they wouldn't become a black hole. You would increase in mass proportionate to your rest mass, Black holes require a gravitational force that defies light through an escape velocity - thus a star such as the sun wont become a black hole because it is not massive enough. Thus you would be 99.999... % more massive in length and mass intrinsic to the energy that would be needed. However, in your reference frame your mass and length do not change, you stay the same in your own observations - this is the basis of relativity.

  8. really? so how do we know some black holes aren't really fast somethings?

    would be kinda cool to be a black and not even know it
  9. Yes it is possible. I believe you can do so with a little help from, yours truly, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
  10. Because if they managed infinite velocity, or at least to which our natural physics knows, they would have to have no mass rather than infinite mass :D. Also, how could they be at the center of galaxies if they moved faster than the planets, stars and gases that orbit them.
  11. makes sense

  12. I think expansion of Consciousness is more realistic to travel in this way than our physical bodies......extending psychic (mind) energy into the Universes is just as plausible as travelling in a physical way.

  13. I suppose i could envision that eventually computers get so advanced that we can simply create a virtual world of the actual world and "travel" in it by simulation...

    i don't know if its possible but the idea is that the virtual model is really a factual representation based on some yet to be discovered theory of everything...that would be pretty cool
  14. are lasers not concentrated photons , and lasers aimed at solar sails are a new way of space travel
  15. I suppose if you think that we are more than just our brains making electrical connections

  16. Perhaps it could be a model...but you wouldnt ever be able to travel to something/where that was unknown.......

    Also, if they ever figure out how to beam people places, like in Star seems like that would just be speed of light...just supposition

  17. Yes, I dont know about 'just'...That doesnt negate something more....that electrical energy is energy....which can be converted in ways we may not know yet

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