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Is there a "trading" forum here?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zach42, May 7, 2011.

  1. With recent developments with soonly having an ex wife I really want to get rid of this nice piece she bought me a few years back. Every time I hit from it I'm also hit with to many emotions. I like smoking pot to be in a happy place, not to be sad. Its awesome, she did a great job picking it out for me, but I dont want to keep thinking about her. I was thinking about just throwing it at a rock, but that seems like a huge waist b/c then I'd just go get something else. Im not trying to trade it here with you all, just simply asking if maybe there is a place on this site where that is ok?

    I havent been around grasscity for a very long time yet and dont have a ton of posts so could see there being areas I cant access at this moment as being a possibility. Is thinking maybe I could trade it for something else that someone else might not want any more for various reasons possible? Or should I consider that rock? lol
  2. I agree, I think there should be a black market where we can trade all types of illegal items, like a black market. Haha JK but I think a trading section could be a good idea, but you never know dude there could be pigs setting up shit tryin to catch people for stuff IDK or maybe not I'm just trippin. but you never know they're sneaky..
  3. Bad idea. just clean the fuck outta it and post it on craigslist.
  4. Yea, I was thinking that as well... but was also thinking that if it were a transaction with someone out of state I wouldnt feel as iffy about it.

    It also gets cleaned almost as frequently as every session (sometimes as infrequently as just daily) so it really wouldnt be hard to clean up to the point of at least having no smell... But im no lab tech so have no clue if itd still hold testable residues.

    I also think trading may fall into the same line as the "no hookups" part of the forum rules and thats why I be asking instead of just saying "hey i have this for trade".
  5. id destroy it man to many memories but thats just me
  6. Yea man. My thoughts exactly. Wouldnt be extremely satisfying but it would be a little bit. "F you biatch, this is what I think about all your crap".

    Friend of mine said thats a dumb idea since Ive been thinking about something else thats actually less money than this thing was. Hence me asking this.

    Ive thought about selling it to a friend, or trading it for some herb.... But even if he says he wont bust it out with me around Im sure one day I'd see it again.

    And also on the note of the satisfaction of breaking it. Ive NEVER purposely broke a glass piece. The idea doesnt even seem right to me lol. Feels like it goes against every stoner cell in my body lol. Stoner before the girl, stoner after.

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