is there a such thing as a....

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  1. is there a such thing as a dwarf plant like if you trim the roots constantly to keep it small
  2. Tiny plant = tiny yield = not worth the effort and risk.
  3. You can but the risk of setback and shock when you keep taking it out and transplanting it is not worth the time or yield as stated above^
  4. There is a low growing strain that is wider than tall supposed to be under 30" to better hide outdoors...alot of cartels use it.
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  6. And what would this strain be? Maybe I'm just not friendly enough with the cartels... Was this information in the newspaper? Newsweek?

  7. It actually was on some media source...thats where I read about it.
  8. Wow, then that sounds like it has to be the truth. Apparently the cartels have never heard of LST, scrog, topping, and fimming. Good thing us amateurs know all the advanced techniques...

    OP was asking about a dwarf plant, not a big plant kept short.
  9. They asked about trimming roots to keep a plant small. That's keeping a large plant small isnt it? Don't always be so quick to jump down people's throats. The OP wasn't that specific about their question so there is no reason for you to complain about people's responses. Thats all I've seen from you since I joined GC. You rarely comment unless it's a chance to gripe at someone.

    OP- Short indica strains and autos are your best bet. I don't recommend root trimming and all that. Seems like a lot of room for error. And as toasty mentioned, lst and topping are great things to look into.
  10. tyvm everyone i sorta get it im a lil too lazy to read`rigt now
  11. I saw a thread on here not to long ago where he trimmed the roots in a small hydro/aero setup and seemed to work, but there a lot more to it th an that, I wouldnt recomend it, but it is possible
  12. jeesh....look at the egos on this thread.

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