Is there a step by step way to grow?

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  1. Can growing be figured into a step by step basis? For instance...
    -specific light, specific soil
    -Germinate seed in specific soil
    -Light x inches above seedling for 5 days
    -Raise light x inches
    -Feed x amount of nutrition 
    -Replace water right now
    Is this possible?

  2. Yeah. Go read a forum and figure it out.
  3. Did you really make this thread
  4. Use miracle grow and tap water. Best plants ever.
    Don't mind the cancer!
  6. 1) Get dirt
    2) Add seed or clone to dirt
    3) Put lights above dirt
    4) Water dirt
    5) Watch plant grow water when needed
    6) Then when you are ready and want to get them to produce, go spend money and figure out your space and what temperature, humidity, and airflow you need in the space. Get the right lights and figure out when to turn them on and off (a timer comes in handy).
    go buy a beginners kit with basic nutes you need to flower your plants.
    7) Then start to figure out what all the problems you are having are from by researching a forum not asking for someone to be your boss and instruct you what to do.
    8) Try to problem solve to fix problems, spend 3-6 months trying it out and repeat trying to correct your mistakes everytime.
  7. Be sure to use nutes from day one hahahahaha
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    While there are some great guides out there, there is no way to give great step by step instructions like you are looking to find.

    Unforunetly there are just too many variables to give perfect instructions. Growing isnt like baking a cake, where you put in exact ingredients and follow exact steps. Sure we can tell you what to feed, when to water, and so on but it may not be right for your plants.
  9. Basic answer: no. Lots of grow guides to tell you what to do, even step-by-step, but nothing can boil it down to the level of simplicity you are seeking. The way to grow is that you have to learn more, not try to force the process to be simpler than it really is.

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