is there a spray to fight mold

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  1. I'm having a hardtime fighting the mold this year, is there some sort of spray? Or should i just keep cliping out the buds that get moldy?
  2. sulfur and copper sprays are organic, but i wouldn't use them to close to the harvest...
  3. probably not because that would introduce more moisture and compound the issue i would think. There might be some kind of powder? is increased ventilation at all an option for you? moving pots outside, more fans, more fresh air etc.
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    I use 1/2 a cup of baking soda and 2 drops of dish washing soap mixed in to a gallon of water and then spray it on the leaves (all of them) i do that once a day for 3 days and on the 4th day i spray the leaves off with water. when you put it on the plant when it drys it looks like the mildew is even worse but when you rinse the leaves its all gone. Good luck!!! Oh and i dont put the full gallon on the plant i just fill a squirt bottle full and use like 1/3 of the squirt bottle on it and dump the rest of the gallon.

  5. Are you thinking the issue is powdery mildew? I think your solution will actually make thing's worse because I believe the issue is actually budrot...which is caused by the ripening buds being moist constantly from too wet of conditions. I am not sure if there is a way to stop that unless you could take them away from the constant moisture conditions (moving them indoors under hps?)

    I'm from So. Cali where we have the opposite problem, it's been over 100 this week everyday almost and my girls are wilting from the 105+ degree heat! with 10% humidity...:mad:
  6. Oh shit, yeah youre right!!! i was thinking powdery mildew my bad! this is why i shouldnt be looking stuff up high :smoke: im live in southern california too!! it was 109 today in the valley and my plant looked horrible
  7. Yeah, the harsh heatwave we are having sucks! I'm going indoors for the winter/spring at least I will have control of the climate inside...

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