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Is there a specific 'way' to give money to a dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pureshores, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Dunno if this is a stupid question or not. Its just I read something recently on another website that there can sometimes be like some kind of specific way in which people hand money over to their dealer?
    I've only bought once before a few weeks ago and felt a little bit clumsy/awkward when the transaction happened but I dont know if that was just my first time or not :confused:
    Again sorry i must sound like an idiot im just curious :wave::wave:
  2. As long as you get your herb and he gets his money it does't really matter. :smoking:

    Although a "hand off" exchange at the same time always works nice. You could always just put the bill in your dealers shirt pocket, of course if he's professional enough to wear a dress shirt ;).
  3. Hold money in hand. Do this.

  4. Examine bud. Hand cash.
  5. Buttcheek to buttcheek money transaction
  6. Depends where you meet him or her, when I first started buying shit from my connects house I was nervous as shit, the only advice I can offer you is keep your hands out of your pockets and don't fuck with your phone, eventually you'll build up a trust and you'll probably end up kicking it lol
  7. Wait til you get the bud then hand over the cash
  8. OP, that only applies if you are doing a hand off in a public place like a street corner. In that case, you fold up your money really small and hold it between your first two fingers. You act like you're shaking hands and the dealer does the same thing. If you are coordinated enough it just looks like a quick hand shake.
  9. Make sure the money is already out of your wallet before the deal goes down, can't believe nobody said that yet. Also try to use large bills.

  10. haha that would look pretty gay
  11. If your in a house its generally accepted to try before you buy but in public say your buying an eighth tri fold your money grab it with th tips of your index finger but also in your palm. Then flip it forward and as you do that he will slide the weed into your hand the same way. Some dealers specially if you dont know them will take the money take a quick peek then do the same thing just making it in 2 hand shakes its something that can take practice.
  12. if you are doing it in a public area just stand close and make a quick exchange, nothing fancy.
  13. I usually put it on the table while I examine the bud. Actually "giving" money feels awkward for me too lol
  14. Come prepared with a half eaten bag of crisps , place your money inside the bag amongst the crisps. Offer your dealer a crisp, hopefully he will have the weed in his hand so when he goes to grab a crisp he will take the money and a crisp and you can walk away with a bag of weed inside your crisp packet. Just realised this sounds like a shit idea , but I assure you if you pull it off you will feel like a boss
  15. Stick it in his ass
  16. Attach the money to a carrier pigeon and instruct your dealer to attach the weed to a different carrier pigeon. Your carrier pigeon will deliver the money while your dealer's carrier pigeon will deliver the weed. Works like a charm.

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